April 24, 2024

These are the 6 best call-out accounts to follow ASAP

Call-out culture has been at an all-time high recently and there’s good reason. Sick and tired of letting people get away with copying someone else’s intellectual property and ideas, there’s a rising number of Instagram accounts dedicated to naming and shaming – and we can’t stop devouring it.

Diet Prada

What: It’s the place of all places for fashion call out news and scandals.

Why follow: It’s gained authority online for calling out copycats and its 1. 5 million followers are in agreement.

The Fashion Law

What: The legal perspective we need to hear direct from the fashion and beauty world.
Why follow: Frequently reposting and providing explanations, it’s fashion and beauty drama that’s easy to understand.

Estee Laundry

What: Often compared to Diet Prada, it’s a beauty lovers go-to destination for copycats and news.
Why follow: The Laundrites, as their followers are known, are calling out brands left right and centre. It’s a must-follow.

KJ Bennett Beauty

What: An Emmy-winning makeup artist serving us the facts of the beauty industry.
Why follow: If you love details and specifics, this is the account that deserves your follow.

Female Collective

What: Providing us with the daily dose of female empowerment.
Why follow: Quick, repostable and encouraging feminism along the way.

Ventia Falconer

What: An account focused on advocating for sustainable fashion.
Why Follow: It’s a gentle reminder to be conscious of what we’re buying.

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