You should know before buying your first designer handbag

Buying your first designer handbag is a bit of a right of passage, but it is also a really big deal. We get it. Spending money like that is not a decision that you should take lightly, and for most people (the majority of the GLAMOUR office included), a lot of saving has to take place before you snap one up.

And when you’ve finally accumulated the funds? You want to make sure you buy the right one.

Here at GLAMOUR, we often chat away about “investment pieces” – those pricey purchases that last you a lifetime and are therefore so worth their higher price tag.

Up there with the most worthwhile of said investment pieces is the trusty designer handbag. Whichever designer tickles your fancy, if you choose the right one, your designer handbag can genuinely last a lifetime. And then some, actually. (We’re thinking along the lines of passing it down through generations after you’re gone, but that’s a tad morbid for a Wednesday afternoon).

Over the years, we’ve compiled quite the collection of top tips for designer shopping, especially when it comes to designer handbag shopping for the first time. General consensus would suggest that there are five steps you should take before you part with your hard-earned cash. That way? You’re sure to get a bag you really love and one which is worth your money.

Sounds good, right? Follow these top tips and make 2020 the year you foray into the world of designer…

1. Daydream a little

No, seriously – as silly as it may sounds, the first step to buying your designer handbag is as easy as daydreaming. Because what’s the point in buying something that expensive if you’ve not spent endless precious hours at your desk thinking about it first?

What bag do you envision yourself carrying to work with you every morning? What do you wish you could have on your arm as you head out to dinner with your friends? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself, because they’ll tell you what style of bag you’ll get the most wear out of.

Buying a designer handbag is not something you get to do everyday, so you’ve got to buy something that you’re going to be obsessed with forever more.

2. Decide on a specific handbag style

Again, another tip which might sound obvious, but it’s something lots of shoppers don’t think about before they buy their first designer handbag. What style are you actually going to get the most wear out of?

It’s no good buying yourself a Bottega Veneta clutch if you absolutely never take a clutch on a night out with you. And why buy an oversized tote if you famously only carry your phone, purse, keys and a lip balm?

Think about the style of bag you wear the most, whether that be a shopper, a crossbody bag, a clutch or a saddle bag, and go from there. Your designer bag should probably be a pimped-up version of the high street bag you already love the most.

3. Pick a price point

Next up: pick a price point. Even seasoned designer handbag collectors set themselves budgets before splurging.

You should consider how much you’re actually comfortable spending on a handbag (this differs for everyone) so that you don’t go OTT and regret it.

Your first luxury bag is an investment piece, which is a factor worth bearing in mind. We don’t necessarily mean that it will increase in monetary value over time (though a girl can dream), but that your designer bag needs to stand the test of time and bless you with a lifetime’s worth of wear.

If you can’t afford a bag over £1,000, that’s absolutely fine. You can still get a great investment piece for less than £1,000. Remember: this is (potentially) the first designer bag in a lifelong collection, and your first bag doesn’t have to be your ultimate dream purchase.

4. Do you want to sell your bag on?

Interested in making money as well as spending it? Make sure your designer bag purchase is well-timed and carefully considered. That way, you could end up raking in the DOLLAR one day soon.

If you want to buy a bag which you might be able to sell on to a new owner at a later date, it’s worth looking at the lists of the most popular pre-owned bags of the moment. There’s no denying that this year, the most popular designer handbags are the Dior Saddle Bags and the Fendi Baguette, but since they’re trending, they’re unlikely to appear on the list of the most popular pre-owned bags in a couple of years to come.

Often, the most south-after pre-owned bags are classics like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag or the Prada Galleria Bag. If you’re buying your bag with the view of selling it after you’ve got a few year’s worth of wear, consider buying a classic which people are always going to want to snap up. Just make sure you keep it in good condition.

5. Shop around

With your decision made on the designer bag you want to buy, you should shop around for the best deals. Granted, most designer bags are a set price, but you might be able to snap something up cheaper in the sales or on sites like The Outnet.

We’ve scoured the web and think we might have found the best designer handbags to invest in if you’re a first-time designer purchaser. And the best deals. Here are the best designer handbags for 2020.

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