These Are the 15 Hair-Color Trends Making a Splash in 2020

Had you asked us at the end of last year – that time when you go from listening to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” until you cry tears of eggnog to half-pretending you finally want to start drinking more water – we couldn’t have predicted what 2020 would look like.

There were countless trend predictions, from makeup to nails, but our hands-down favorites have been the hair colors.

How the year unfolded wasn’t exactly as we’d imagined, but whether you were itching to make a subtle change or wanted to try something dramatic, there has been a hair-color idea out there for you.

The biggest theme, according to celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas, was “bold, strong tones with seamlessly blended highlights,” but there were a lot more flooding our feeds as the months flew by.

Ahead, we asked a handful of pros – including Papanikolas, colorist Karissa Schaudt, Redken brand ambassador and colorist Cassondra Kaeding, and more – to identify the biggest hair-color trends that have been everywhere in 2020. As for everything else you wanted to achieve, well, there’s always AquaAlert.

Why Pediatricians Say Routine Vaccinations and Wellness Visits Are So Important – Yes, Even in a Pandemic

Of course, staying current on your child’s vaccinations isn’t the only reason to keep your regular pediatrician’s appointments. Dr. Wanderman said that checking in on a child’s overall well-being is just as important as checking their height, weight, and physical health.

“You want to look at language development, motor development, and social development, because if you do have issues, early intervention is so important,” he said. “You don’t want to get behind the eight ball on that.”

During the pandemic, Dr. Wanderman is particularly concerned with his patients’ social development. These days, he’s making a point to find out whether the children he sees are staying in touch with their friends, how they’re feeling about being at home, and even how much media they’re consuming. “The mental health aspect of kids adapting to COVID-19 is almost as important as the physical aspect,” he said.

Dr. Wanderman’s practice has also had to adapt to the new reality. First and foremost, they require everyone to wear a mask, and have medical-grade masks on hand for patients and parents during their visit. Only one parent can accompany each child, and siblings are requested to stay home. Temperature checks are also required, and the waiting room has been reconfigured to accommodate social distancing and shared toys have been removed.

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