These are the 12 diet plans everyone is Googling

Diets. Sometimes it feels like it’s all we ever talk about. Dieting has been a thing for the last 200 years (yes really!) but the good news is that what we now consider ‘diets’ are more about focusing on a much healthy approach to food – more vegetables, less meat, less sugar and less processed foods.

Still, there are a lot of diets and often it can get confusing as to which one does what. What are the diets everyone’s talking about now? What do they consist of? How do you follow them?

Here is your rundown of the 12 diets we think are probably the biggest. We see some old friends making a comeback (welcome back, Paleo) and the low-carb diet, to new kids on the block DASH and FODMAP via diets that are more of a lifestyle change than a diet, such as going vegetarian, flexitarian or vegan. Admittedly, some aren’t brand-new but buckle up and have a read.

Remember that eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise are the best form of diet, so before cutting out food groups or skipping meals make sure you consult your doctor.

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