These are officially the hottest fashion brands, in the world right now

When it comes to the ever-changing, capricious world of fashion, it can often be hard to keep up. What’s everyone wearing? When did that trend become uncool?! Is orange *actually* the new black?

With so many uncertainties, it’s reassuring to know that some brands stand the test of time and prove popular season after season, year after year.

Releasing the figures for the current season, global fashion search platform Lyst have revealed the top ten most-popular brands in the world right now – seven of which appeared in the same list last season.

It seems some labels truly are a good investment…

Top 10 Hottest Brands in the World Right Now

1. GUCCI (up from #2)

2. OFF-WHITE (down from #1)

3. BALENCIAGA (level from #3)

4. MONCLER (up from #16)

5. FENDI (up from #9)

6. VERSACE (level from #6)

7. STONE ISLAND (up from #11)

8. VETEMENTS (level from #8)

9. VALENTINO (up from #10)

10. BURBERRY (up from #14)

So now you know the most popular brands, scroll down to read all about the year’s most popular trends…

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