July 15, 2024

These are next season’s 7 major trends according to Zara’s brand new autumn collection

Quarantine in the UK kicked off in the middle of winter. Spring sailed past without so much as a tentative step in a sandal, and right now – when Covid-induced lockdown restrictions begin to be gently lifted in a staggered process – we’re almost halfway through summer.

Sure, we might get a few more blissfully sunny days yet (we have everything crossed), but for those itching for a wardrobe update, may we gently suggest looking ahead to next season? Your new look deserves *so* much more air time than just half a season.

Having just launched online, those of you still uneasy about a trip to the good old fashioned bricks-and-mortar high street right now needn’t fear. You can get your new season look without taking so much as a single step outside your front door.

While it might feel as though the British summer is still yet to properly kick off, it seems as though the heatwave we so joyfully basked in just a couple of weeks ago may have been the extent of it.

We’re being promised ‘highs’ of 25°C over the next few weeks, which, while lovely, suggests that the heady days of 30°C+ could well be behind us.

Undoubtedly a bold call to make just ten days into July, we’d never dare bring the mood down like that without having something extra special up our sleeve to make it worth your while. Our trump card? Zara’s newly-dropped AW20 collection.

We know, we know. Autumn/winter collections in July? But hear us out.

But, having spent the best part of four months in comfy leisure wear and bare feet, can you even remember *how* to put together an outfit any more? Never mind shop for new ones.

We heard your cries, and have broken down Zara’s epic new autumn/winter collection into the seven key trends which are all set to be HUGE next season. Simply find the trend(s) that you’re most drawn to and shop from there.

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