May 20, 2024

These are going to be the biggest health and wellness trends of 2019, including milk soap and bakuchiol

While there’s always a newwellnessfad on the block, Pinterest have compiled a handy list of all the trends that will actually have serious staying power in 2019.

2018 was a long year, and if you’re feeling tired and stressed from all the headlines, we totally feel you.

With the New Year around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about ways to take better care of yourself in 2019.

From sustainable beeswax wraps to flexible exercise bands, elderberries to the hottest new skincare ingredient on the block, bakuchiol, the Pinterest 100 forecasts all the biggest eating, exercising and sleeping trends of the year ahead.

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Lovers of afternoons naps will be pleased to hear that sleep optimisation is on the up, and if you’ve had a few too many big nights out this year, you might want to consider mindful drinking too.

Here are the biggest health and wellness predictions to look out for in 2019.

Bring on the bakuchiol:Bakuchiol, the natural, gentler alternative to retinol, is the clear-skin choice among skincare buffs.

Respect your elders:Elderberries are on the rise thanks to their healthy and anti-inflammatory effects.

The great indoors:Flexible bands that can strengthen your whole body? Sounds like an irresistible way to exercise indoors.

Natural ginger:People are getting back to their roots by using the soothing oil for baths, massages and even condiments.

Healthy habits:Diligent diners are using nutrition plans to be more mindful about what they eat.

Bee earth friendly:No more cling film! Get stung by the freshest zero-waste trend: reusable beeswax wraps.

Getting very sleepy:Turns out the way to sleep like a log is to keep a sleep log – just one of many sleep-ish ideas to try.

Dry idea:People are ditching the alcohol and opting for a life of sobriety, turning to Pinterest for motivational quotes and non-alcoholic drink ideas.

DIY goat soap:The “greatest of all time” goat milk soap is easy to make, and gives a gentle, moisturising clean.

Cape not included:Add matcha, maca and other superfood powders to juice or a smoothie for a superhero boost.

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