June 13, 2024

These are going to be the biggest cosmetic tweakment trends of 2021

Over the past couple of years, we have seen the launch of Profhilo, a brand new treatment using concentrate hyaluronic acid that is dubbed ‘injectable skincare’ for its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin.

We’ve also seen Botox being used to treat excessive sweating, and even being injected into the calf muscle (don’t ask).

Indeed, the world of aesthetic treatments is ever evolving. So, what will 2021 bring? Here, we round up all the cosmetic predictions from the best surgeons and doctors in the business…

Whether you have regular tweakments or are simply curious about them, there’s no denying that non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular, alongside traditional surgeries. And as they infiltrate more people’s beauty regimes, there’s more research into new and improved treatments, which are able to treat a wider variety of conditions and concerns.

The next-generation nose job

Technology in medicine and aesthetics is always developing, with increasingly sophisticated techniques and equipment helping clinicians to achieve superior results. One such development is Piezo technology, which is revolutionizing the way surgeons approach procedures like rhinoplasties (nose jobs).

“Piezo technology allows us to perform rhinoplasties with great precision,” says Mr Naveen Cavale, Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon.

“Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, you can shape bone in a much less intrusive way compared with the original chisel and hammer technique. The result is often less bruising and a much more accurate result for patients. ”

Injectables will boom

After a year of staring at our own faces through a screen, it’s hardly surprising that more people than ever are seeking cosmetic treatments. “Knowledge combined with prolonged periods this year examining our own faces over Zoom has led to a boom in injectable therapy,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist.

“Many who have had the treatment for the first time are likely to continue into next year as well as more “first-timers” to the injectables market. Whilst retinol may smooth out fine lines over long-term use, chances are that it is only injectable treatment, which will help deeper lines or descent of facial skin. ”

The 8 teeth smile

According to Dr Rhona Eskander, Perfect SmileAward Winning Dentist and Invisalign Ambassador, the magic number of top teeth to be on show when you smile is 8. “If you have a broad smile, with 8-10 teeth showing on smiling, we describe this as having full buccal corridors,” she explains. “Full buccal corridors provide support to the soft tissues such as the buccal areas (cheeks) and lips.

As we age the lip length from the nose to the lips increases so by broadening the smile it also provides lip support which is very youthful. The eyes also become smaller when the muscles work to give you a smile which changes the composition of the appearance of the face. ”

To create the illusion of full buccal corridors (where no space is left between teeth and the corners of lips), Dr Rhonda applies cosmetic bonding or minimal prep veneers to the back teeth to make sure they are big enough to fill the whole space. “The back teeth are just as important as the front when creating a big bright and perfect smile,” she says.

Full face fillers

Whereas many clinics still talk about treatments being priced ‘per area’, many clinicians are starting to move away from this way of thinking in order to treat the face as a whole. “Often just injecting one specific area, such as lips or cheeks, can leave someone looking abnormal or have a knock on effect in another area,” says Dr Rosh, medical director of award-winning clinic KLNIK.

“We always do a holistic anatomical facial assessment at KLNIK that incorporates every part of the face to achieve a more natural look. ”

Think about it as less is more when it comes to volume of filler or the amount of Botox, but not when it comes to the surface area being considered.

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