These acne patches have so many 5-star reviews on Amazon for clearing spots overnight

One brand receiving rave reviews on Amazon (our most trusted source of skincare recommendations RN) is Aliobio, whose Hydrocolloid stickers have amassed hundreds of five-star reviews for their ability to treat spots.

Treating acne is a long-game. Anyone who has suffered with the skin condition knows how tackling it requires a carefully curated skincare regime full of treatments, serums and even medication like Roaccutane. Sometimes, though, you just need a quick-fix, which is exactly where pimple stickers come into their own.

The nifty little stickers can be applied to an angry spot to calm it down ahead of an important event; some even promise to work their magic in a matter of hours.

The stickers work by preventing secondary infection by absorbing micro dust and germs, and absorbing excess secretion and oil. Nifty. The transparent colour means you can wear it on your face – and even under makeup.

The positive reviews have been pouring in for this little-known brand, with all of the Amazon reviews hailing it ‘amazing’, ‘so effective’ and ‘the best value for money they’ve tried’.

One impressed beauty fan wrote: “I’ve purchased many acne patches in the past, this is by far the best in terms of value and ease of use. For me, with combination skin, it took approximately 3- 4 days to fully heal small acne, and around a week for massive ones with a 1cm diameter with the patch. Without the acne patch, it can take up to 2 weeks to heal, significantly reducing the healing time. In terms of ease of use, I find the texture of Aliobio is softer, more rubbery than the other two, making it easier to peel from the plastic sheet and stay on the face longer once attached, essentially ‘adapting to the terrain of the skin.”

Another fan said that whilst she wouldn’t recommend wearing the patches under makeup (because it ‘gathered around the sides and it looked obvious that something was under my make up’), they were highly effective overnight.

“I had around 6 spots on my chin and upper lip area, and I wore patches to cover them, and over the course of 2 nights use, those spots were significantly less red and almost cleared up. I was very impressed by this as it normally takes a lot longer for my spots to clear. I’m very happy with these patches, they work amazingly! There are so many of them that it makes the cost of them affordable.”

For £12.99 for a pack of 216 patches, they’re certainly worth a pop.

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