April 24, 2024

These 5 unexpected joys of being single are so empowering

To mark the release of her new book, she’s shared 5 unexpected joys of being single with GLAMOUR – and they’re so damn empowering.

Candi Williams’, author of The Art of Being Single: Live a Life You Love, believes you don’t need a better half – because you’re already whole and every second waiting for ‘the one’ is time wasted: time that could be spent living your life your way. Yaaas.

A new book is completely re-writing the rules about dating and encouraging people to feel empowered about being single, and we’re so here for it.

“When you take a moment to stop and look at things differently, you’ll soon see that there are so many wonderful reasons to embrace being proudly partner-free,” she says.

Joy #1: bed bliss

Yeah sure, spooning’s great but have you ever woken up in snoozy starfish bliss with no one else’s limbs digging into you? This is the time to make the most of the bed space being all yours. Embrace not having to battle for the best side or the extra pillow, and not waking up teetering on the edge of the bed/floor apocalypse. Own it. Enjoy every inch. Starfish wide and starfish with pride – you’re the bed boss.

Joy #2: not feeling guilty

Do your thing. Stay out until 2 a. m. doing karaoke. Go out with friends three nights in a row. Eat that chocolate cake. Do what you want, without the pangs of guilt or worry. This is your time to shine!

Joy #3: karaoke for every road trip

You know the playlist fear you get when you have someone in the passenger seat… What radio station should I put on? What playlist will they like? Is Little Mix acceptable for this occasion? Can I rap along to Kanye without them bursting into fits of laughter? Forget all of that. Guilt-free music choices for road trips are another perk of single living. So rap away, listen to cheesy radio shows and download that guilty pleasures playlist. Make every journey about karaoke. Do you and own it.

Joy #4: feeding your friendships

Well, don’t literally feed them (although I am always open to being fed delicious food by friends). Being single is an ideal time to focus more on your friendships. Good friends are there for you through break-ups, make-ups, tears, fears and giggles. They have your back when you need them most. But it’s a two-way street, so invest in them, look after them and be sure to show them some love.

Joy #5: getting comfy with your own company

However extroverted or introverted you are, it’s always good to learn to enjoy your own company. I’m not talking about sitting in silence and twiddling your thumbs. I’m talking about making the most of me time – whether that’s bringing a wholesome new meaning to Netflix and chilling, practising self-care, reading a book or just generally moving yourself out of FOMO zone to ‘I kinda like my time alone’.

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