July 17, 2024

These 13 dresses from Mango will be all over your Instagram feed this Christmas

Sure, we’ve all found a new – and particularly devoted – love for the humble tracksuit and all other forms of loungewear, but there came a point a few months into lockdown vol. 1 than many of us began to resent the elasticated waist and actuallylongedfor the opportunity to complain about an uncomfortable heel or scratchy sequin.

If you were wondering whether there’s any point dressing up for Christmas this year, we’re here to remind you that there have actually been very few (if any) better occasions to put on a good dress in 2020.

That may well be more a sign of the year that we’ve had than the enormity of the festive season, but there’s no need to split hairs.

If you’re one of those people who relishes in putting together a good outfit for a particular occasion, 2020 has likely left you feeling somewhat flat in the wardrobe department.

So whether or not you opt for sequins and heels, we’re here to suggest that you grab the festive season with both hands this year and absolutely go for it.

Whether you’re planning on celebrating Christmas with a small family 6-person-bubble affair or opting for full #2020 authenticity via endless Zoom parties cheers-ing hundreds of tiny faces on your laptop screen – we’re here to support your decision to buy that new dress. In fact, we’ll go further than that.

High street heavyweight Mango has just launched some seriously epic dresses in time for the festive season, so if recommending that you rediscover your love for a good sartorial pick-me-up hasn’t tempted you enough then let us be more specific.

Not ready to let go of your comfies just yet? We totally get it. But why not swap your joggers for a knitted dress? Mango’s collared jersey dress is a Fashion Editor favourite, while this ribbed midi has a little more shape for those who want to make a bit more of a statement.

On the other end of the scale and ready for some fully-festive sequin action? A super puffed-sleeve multicoloured number ought to get the grandparents talking, while this v-neck silver sequin extravaganza would serve you well for New Year’s Eve, too.

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