February 20, 2024

These 12 Aretha Franklin Performances Will Remind You Why She’s the Queen of Soul

There are some artists who will always be remembered for their great music. Then there are the legends, musicians who will be remembered for all of time because of how they changed the face of the industry every time they opened their mouths.

The late Aretha Franklin was one such musician. She wasn’t called the “Queen of Soul” for nothing, after all. Everybody who’s anybody knows that no one could bring a house down like she could.

Whether she was singing “Amazing Grace” or any other song from her 42 studio albums, she was guaranteed to make you feel something. Seeing her live and in the flesh was a privilege because she always put on a show. In celebration of her incomparable talent and magnetic presence on stage, we give you some of her most iconic live performances.

On August 16, the world bid farewell to a legend, Aretha Franklin, who passed away at the age of 76 after a battle with cancer.

Aretha, dubbed the Queen of Soul, had a career that spanned five decades, with hits such as “Respect’, ‘Think’ and ‘Chain of Fools’. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame and was awarded 18 Grammys – an incredible career. Tributes began pouring in from family, friends, members of the public and celebrities, but one standout tribute has to be Ariana Grande’s rendition of ‘Natural Woman’, another of Aretha’s most well-known tracks.

The performance brought us all to tears – and Ariana too. The singer was already scheduled on the show to promote her album Sweetener, which was released on August 10 and when producers asked her to sing in an Aretha tribute, she apparently declined as she was too upset.

However, according to reports, a member of The Roots’ convinced Ariana to do the performance, and afterwards, she broke down in tears backstage.

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