July 15, 2024

There’s No Sweeter Sibling Duo Than Harry Styles and His Cool Older Sister, Gemma

As much as I want to say I’m Harry Styles’s biggest fan, I know I’m no match for his older sister, Gemma. The writer and influencer is always championing Harry’s work and accompanying him to big events, including his most recent appearance at the BRIT Awards, where he performed his latest single, “Falling,” in a pool of water.

Gemma, who is three years older than Harry, even wrote a touching story about growing up with Harry for his Another Man cover story and accompanied him to the launch party in 2016.

But the support goes both ways – Harry made sure to attend Gemma’s university graduation a few years back despite his high-profile career. Keep reading to see some cute moments between the Styles siblings that they’ve shared over the years.

Watch Annie Murphy and Dustin Milligan Take a Schitt’s Creek Quiz Only a Superfan Could Ace

Annie Murphy and Dustin Milligan appear to have just as much fun together offscreen as they do on. Case in point: the Schitt’s Creek costars filmed a video back in February for the show’s Instagram page where they took the ultimate Ted vs. Alexis quiz.

Things started off easy with the question, “How many of Alexis’s coolers did Ted drink before Patrick’s party? ” but they quickly increased in difficulty, leaving both Murphy and Milligan stumped.

Even the most hardcore fans would have trouble with these! Although these two have already wrapped their final season filming together, we’re glad we get to see them share the screen for moments like this. Watch the full video below to see their funny quiz.

Here’s Exactly What My Siblings Did to Support Me When I Came Out as Genderqueer

I grew up the third of four children. We’re all about a year and a half apart age-wise, so we were very close growing up. We fought and we formed alliances and we knew each other probably better than anyone should, but when I hit my 20s and discovered I was both bisexual and genderqueer, I was worried it might negatively impact our close relationship.

When I did come out to them, I was blown away. My siblings were unbelievably supportive, and they helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It made my transitioning so much easier to know they had my back.

In the hopes that other siblings can learn from my family and in the interest of just bragging about these three amazing people to whom I am related, here are a few of the things my siblings did to help me with my transition. (Note: in the above picture, I’m the one rocking the red velvet jumpsuit. )

Jimmy Fallon Brought The Tonight Show to His Home, and It Might Be Our Favorite Episode Yet

Jimmy Fallon is bringing The Tonight Show to his home turf after shutting down studio production due to coronavirus concerns. The late-night host released the first episode of his show’s “At Home” edition on Tuesday with the help of his wife, Nancy, their 6-year-old daughter Franny, and their dog Gary. Although the video clocked in a little shorter than a full-length episode, it’s packed with fun – especially for St. Patrick’s Day.

Franny contributed handmade graphics for the show, while Nancy stood behind the camera and provided a laughtrack for Jimmy’s monologue. “I’m doing the show from my home for two reasons,” Jimmy joked. “First, to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Second, so I can write off my real-estate taxes. ” Watch the full video above to see Jimmy’s first-ever at-home Tonight Show. We can’t wait to tune in to the next one!

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