June 21, 2024

There are some parties you have to see to believe, Photos

Here at theCHIVE HQ, we take our Christmas parties pretty seriously. We ascribe to the famous work axiom, “Nobody ever got promoted at their office Christmas party. ”

To that end, we don’t even allow cameras at our Christmas party. It would all become ‘Evidence: Exhibit A’ down the road anyway. The party looks a lot like the photo above…

We’ve never given away a trip to Austin for one lucky Chiver and his/her best friend to witness this level of holiday debauchery, but today you’re getting your shot.

And we knew there was only one way to let the winner know, The Jelly of the Month Club. But how do you get the world’s worst boss, Mr. Frank Shirley, to give it away one more time?

Brian-Doyle Murray doesn’t do interviews and rarely signs autographs. He is, though, a huge Chiver. So when I called him and asked him to sign a Jelly of the Month Club certificate, Mr. Frank Shirley said he’d do one for the Chivers. It is the only one in existence, as the film prop has been lost.

That means if you subscribe to the November Chive Box, you have a chance to open your box to a Jelly of the Month certificate signed by Brian-Doyle Murray. You will also receive your first of 12 months shipments of jelly.

Most importantly you and a friend will be flown to Austin, all expenses paid, to join the Chive for the most irresponsible office holiday party in the world. (sign up here)

We actually have some exceptional 2nd and 3rd place prizes. 2nd place will open their box to 5 crisp $100 bills inside…

And 3rd place will receive 200 one dollar bills and my personal strip club cash cannon. This is my prize possession, and you should probably wash it if you win it.

Finally, if you sign up for 6 months of the Chive Box, you will receive the 7th month free.

Boxes go out early November, and even if you don’t win, it’s still the best box out there with exclusive Chive merchandise you can only get as a subscriber.

Sign up for the November box right here!

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