It Has Nothing to Do With the Rides or Sea Life

Once you hear that SeaWorld also hosts its own gourmet food festivals –  SeaWorld San Diego Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival and SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival  – the desire to buy a ticket becomes almost overwhelming.

The festivals, which are on now through April 28 and May 5, respectively, include dozens of Instagram-worthy food options, cocktails you’ll want to sip all night long, and dynamite live entertainment. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or find your bliss sampling bites from all over the world, you’ll have a blast at either one of these events. Here’s what you have to look forward to – and why visitors have been flocking to these festivals for the past three years.

SeaWorld already has a lot going on: not only do the parks feature tons of thrilling coasters, but they’re also home to incredible killer whales, walruses, dolphins, and other marine life.

The Food

Both the Orlando and San Diego festivals have more variety than ever before – a big win for hungry visitors. At the Seven Seas Food Festival in Orlando, you might have a tough time choosing from the 180 mind-blowing food and beverage options. You’ll find everything from bacon-wrapped fried plantains and a chocolate-dipped footlong pretzel to a traditional New Orleans crawfish boil and key lime pie fritters with mango whipped cream at this massive food festival. Think you want to try it all? You might want to buy a sampling lanyard, which allows you to taste up to 15 of the menu options.

Meanwhile, San Diego’s Seven Seas Craft Beer and Food Festival offers 33 brand-new dishes, including a pretzel-melt reuben, shitake dynamite roll, and a mango-pomegranate roulade. Fan favorites like warm brie with duck confit, jerk chicken sliders, and beignets will also be on the menu. Hungry yet?

The Drinks

You’re going to need a little something to wash down all that grub. Each park puts its own spin on the drink offerings: San Diego is all about the craft beer, while Orlando offers tons of ice-cold cocktails.

Suds lovers will flock to San Diego’s beer and food festival, which includes 125 craft beers this year. Each weekend will feature a new craft brewery, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find a new favorite brew!

In Orlando, it’s all about the frozen drinks. Thirsty visitors can sip on frozen key-lime martinis, hurricanes, and watermelon-lime margaritas, or opt for nonalcoholic beverages like the Caribbean sunset with lemonade, Sprite, orange juice, and grenadine.

The Entertainment

There’s also plenty to do after you fill up on food and drinks, from watching the Polynesian fire dancers at the San Diego festival to jamming to live concerts every Saturday and Sunday at SeaWorld Orlando. And that’s even before you consider all of the adrenaline-pumping rides (shoutout to the Kraken in Orlando and the Electric Eel in San Diego!) and the awe-inspiring marine life. So, who’s ready to plan a trip?

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