July 15, 2024

The world’s most popular fragrance has been revealed, so is it yours?

The fact we’re all trapped in lockdown with no access to beauty halls and fragrance samples makes our quest for the perfect new fragrance all the tougher.

Whether you opt for citrus, nostalgic or even a celebrity fragrance (Britney Spears Fantasy, I love you), finding your signature scent is no mean feat.

If you’re in the market for a new scent but have no idea where to start, opting for the world’s most popular female fragrance could be a good place to start.

Yes, you might smell the same as everyone else but as the number 1 most-searched fragrance in 42 countries, Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, £51, sure smells good.

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According to research from online beauty retailer LookFantastic, which analysed Google searches across the globe, the Carolina Herrera scent is the most popular across the entire globe since launching in 2016. It was closely followed by Tom Ford’s delectable Black Orchid and Daisy by Marc Jacobs – a deliciously fresh smelling scent.

In fact, the Carolina Herrera perfume is so popular that it ranked number one across 42 countries – including Paraguay, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Vietnam – proving it has major international appeal.

Fans of the brand will know the Eau de Parfum is housed in a midnight blue stiletto, making it the perfect dressing table accessory. According to the brand: “The sweet, breathtaking and alluring qualities of jasmine bring Good Girl a bright of femininity. The Good Girl’s mysterious side is express with richly fragrant Cocoa, an exciting Tonka while Almond and Coffee bring notes of bold vibrancy. ” Whilst the brand dubs the scent perfect for ‘everyday’, it’s also hailed as a ‘powerful and daring’ scent.

Fancy something slightly less ubiquitous? Here are the top 10 most popular women’s fragrances across the globe…

  • Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl, £51
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid, £57. 99
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs, £59
  • Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, £56
  • Sì by Giorgio Armani, £45. 50
  • Femme by BOSS, £24
  • I Love Love by Moschino, £21. 50
  • Modern Princess by Lavin, £40. 80
  • Decadence by Marc Jacobs, £52
  • The Only One by Dolce Gabbana, £75
  • Girl by Tommy Hilfiger, £12. 99
  • Brit for Her by Burberry, £81
  • Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana, £58
  • Arpege by Lanvin, £28. 99
  • Lost Cherry by Tom Ford, £220

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