July 18, 2024

The wine is semi-sweet

The main advantage of these wines is their versatility, because they are great for any celebrations and even banquets.

Semi-sweet red wine – one of the most popular beverages in the world. The level of sugar in red wine can reach the level of 80 g/l in the production of sweet wines using several varieties of grapes , sugar content 30-80 g per 1 L.

Wine has its own unique history, which goes back centuries. This drink, adored by the inhabitants of ancient civilizations. None of the fruits did not appreciate the way the grapes. Grapes Egyptians plucked manually, sang its praises. In the tombs, scientists have discovered papyrus with the image of the harvest and the year and owner of the wine.

The ancient Greeks and Romans drank wine mixed with water, because drinking the wine in its pure form was considered a tradition of the plebeians and barbarians. The first country to qualify the vineyards and the wine was France. In our time, French wine is regarded as a benchmark of quality among similar drinks.

Popular types of red sweet wines

Wine Kindzmarauli – a great Georgian semi-sweet red wine with a velvety taste and unique aroma. The vineyards producing this wine are located in Kindzmarauli micro-zone in Kakheti region a total of about 125 hectares of vineyards. The wine is produced since 1942 from Saperavi grape variety, whose name translates from Georgian as “paint”. From this grape traditionally receive Cutlery, a dessert wine.

The strength of wine made from this grape is 10-12%. This wine is perfect for dishes cooked in the best traditions of Georgian cuisine. Wines made from this variety, have a long maturation, the highest quality is demonstrated in age from 4 to 30 years. The wine is a drink of cherry color with a velvety taste.

ancient chersonesia Inkerman – Crimean winery is a company located in Inkerman. The wine comes from 20 Crimean farms. Area of the wine cellars is 5. 5 hectares, depth 5-30 m. In the underground galleries have managed to achieve a certain temperature and humidity which, in turn, create ideal conditions for maturing wine. Wine Inkerman awarded 16 cups of Grand Prix. Inkerman produces a red wine called “Ancient Chersonese”, which is aged in oak barrels for 6 months. The wine is made from Saperavi grapes, the berries of which are called “hot blood of the earth. ” Aroma the wine has fruit with chocolate undertones.

The wine Khvanchkara – Georgian red wine, which is produced since 1932, under the brand “Khvanchkara”, was considered the favorite wine of Joseph Stalin. The wine is a drink ruby color with hints of raspberry. The method of manufacture of this drink is associated with the interruption of the fermentation. Low temperature this micro zone foreseeing that the grapes fermented completely. The name of “Khvanchkara” may not be used by wine producers outside of this geographic region.

Alazani Valley semi – sweet red wine produced in Georgia since 1977. The wine made from such grapes like Saperavi, Aleksandrouli, Mujuretuli. Wine “Alazani valley” is a drink of red color with a fresh bouquet. The wine has a pleasant smell, which felt shades of plum , chocolate , cherry, oak notes. Aftertaste the wine has long and pleasant.

One of the nice and expensive red semi-sweet wines are considered as wines of French production. Their counterparts I believe of Georgian wine Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara, and others. Georgian wine is produced according to ancient tradition. Georgian grapes contain a lot of sugar, which is not time vibralite completely. A similar style of winemaking existed in some regions of Italy. The closest to Georgian wines is considered to be Recioto della Valpolicella is a very flavorful and creamy. Before the fermentation of this wine in order to increase the concentration of natural sugar, the grapes are slightly dried. Recioto with this technology always has a noticeable tone of dried fruit. Khvanchkara well recognizable thanks to the aroma of fresh berries.

The wine Lambrusco – red pearl semi-sweet wine, which contains natural gas. Wine is produced in Emilia Romagna and Piemonte from Lambrusco grapes. Wine produced around Modena and Reggio Emil. Wine drink often as soft drink, that is made in Italy. Lambrusco wine to wash down the food during the meal. Ideal with fruit desserts. Can be used as an aperitif.

The wine Merlot is made from Merlot grapes. The grapes are grown on special plantations. Merlot is a ruby-colored drink. This wine is perfect for lamb , game , poultry , cheeses. The fortress is 11-13%, sugar 30-50 g Manufacturer: Russia, Krasnodar Krai. Also from Merlot grapes produce semi-sweet red wine “Cricova”. The grapes are grown in Moldova. The Cricova wine represents the drink a dark ruby color with a fruity aroma of ripe cherries, grapes, almonds. The taste of wine is soft with a long aftertaste.

How to choose?

When choosing a beverage, like wine, should know about some of the subtleties. Thus, in accordance with international standards on the bottle should be attached label from which the buyer can learn the basic information about the wine. The label must indicate the year of harvest and ripening period. On the back of the bottle should be a counter-label with a description of the fault must also be given recommendations on its use. Typically, the label contains a registered logo of the manufacturer.

In order to appreciate the taste and bouquet of the wine, enough to taste. Experts recommend to not taste more than six wines for you to taste 25 grams. Wine being poured into glass in the shape of a Tulip , this form of glass allows to achieve concentration of flavour. The French are true connoisseurs of wine, like to repeat the saying: “Bring on the cheese, buy on bread “. This means that the wine be sure to bring the cheese and crust of bread ( baguette , pita ). It is believed that cheese accentuate the merits of the wine, and the bread will reveal its shortcomings. Wine tasting with fresh fruit, but lemons and oranges are not suitable for wine tasting.

In order to assess the “legs” on the walls of the glass, tilted it in different directions. The wine shall safely flow down the glass, leaving winding traces on the walls of the “legs”. The legs indicate high alcohol content and tannins, tannins, which result from the interaction of wine and barrels.

Then evaluate the aroma and bouquet of the wine. Under the varietal aroma of the mean properties of the grape, a bouquet is the result of aging wine. Inhale the aroma of the nose in order to get a first impression of the wine. Then rotate the glass in his hands, slightly heating it, so as to experience the different shades in the bouquet, they may vary from place to place the cultivation of grapes and the year of harvest.

Experts recommend to carefully read the label, as very often manufacturers abused the phrase “harmonious taste”. In the wine business, this phrase implies a unity of strength and sweetness of the wine, do not trust the manufacturer, which says it is about wine that has aging.

What to bring?

what podobatymetsya certain rules of selection of appetizers to wine. Quality wine combined with delicious food will leave the most pleasant impressions. Red wine goes well with bread, fruit, cheese. It is undesirable to pick up wine dishes with intense flavor, such as salads and nuts. Taste buds will start to taste meals, and practically will not react to the taste of the wine. It is also not recommended to smoke: tobacco interrupts the taste of the wine. Sweet wine is served with fruit, chocolate, desserts. These products do not drown the taste of the wine itself and allow you to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sweet wines are characterized by beautiful coloration, fruity aroma and fresh taste. Good wine allows you to enjoy a pleasant fruity taste and aroma. Throughout human history wine was considered the drink of the gods, their use praised. Of course, wine is not drunk in order not to desecrate this wonderful drink.

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