May 30, 2024

The White, Vintage-Looking Tee That Dara Wants to Buy in Bulk

It’s just *that* good. The 1960s Slim Tee, $78, available at Re/Done. Say what you will about spending $78 on a simple, detail-less piece of cotton, but I once went against my better judgement – and the contents of my wallet – to purchase a white Re/Done T-shirt and am now willing to do it again, because it’s just that good.

The 1960s Slim Tee, $78, available at Re/Done.

I’ve always admired Re/Done’s reworked vintage pieces from afar, but was scared to get too close for fear I’d blow my rent money on a pair of jeans thatLeandra Medine made look super cool.

I eventually landed on the brand’s website, but instead of purchasing the Leandra cropped flares, I invested in a 1960s Slim Tee. I justified the expense, because at the time, I was still wearing Madewell tees from high school – you know, the V-neck ones with the baby pockets – and fading American Apparel crewnecks. I was due for an upgrade.

Little did I know, my over-budget tee would become my most trusted day-to-day top, and the one item of clothing that forces me to do laundry very frequently.

Alas, I’ve decided it’s time to scoop up yet another 1960s Slim Tee in the same perfect vintage white color and impeccable fit, that even when brand-new and deliciously soft, has a look like its been lovingly worn and washed hundreds of times.

The 1960s Slim Tee, $78, available at Re/Done.

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