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A wedding in most girlish dreams should happen only once in a lifetime. And that’s why the preparation should be on the level, the future wives think … and get bogged down in the abyss of pre-wedding fuss.

After all, you want to control everything: the color of the doves for the ceremony, and the filling for the cake. In the end, it can turn out like in the classic example of a happy birthday: the landlady cooks meals all day, but they do not stay tired of fatigue.

In order not to recall the preparation for the wedding (or, worse, the holiday itself) with horror, SHE correspondents found out that brides most often do wrong.

Six effective ways to spoil the main holiday in your life

1. Incorrect time planning

When lovers decide that it’s time to get married, they, first, want to connect hearts faster, and secondly, to find short Siberian heat, sun, flowers and plant life in the entourage. Result: wishing to marry in the warmth too much.

“If the wedding is prepared for the summer, then you need to book the team and the restaurant at the beginning of the year. We have already started to take all the dates in January, “admits the wedding manager Anna Popova. The minimum period is 3 months. In less time, you simply will not be able to agree simultaneously with the host, restaurant, photographer and weather. By the way, to get married in the summer, you will not only have to stand in line, but also to fork out.

“If you want to save money, it’s better not to marry in the popular months: from June to August, when the cost of limousines, photos leading grows two or three times,” recommends Alexei Yakovenko, director of the art group “VIP-service.”

2. To place the entire program in a modest budget

One of the common mistakes is to fit all possible wedding attributes into a modest budget: a beautiful restaurant, an exclusive dress, many roses and limousine rides. Each girl has her own list, but there is a common one – she does not represent one of these elements of her wedding. The result: for a limited amount of money, you want to “buy” as many components as possible, just to make up for everything, as a result of the quantity the quality suffers.

“If the budget issue is acute, it is necessary to completely revise the wedding. I had a wedding with a budget of 70,000, we did not do the banquet and invited the hosts, but we made a very beautiful ceremony in nature – with a buffet, live orchestra, beautiful design and a photographer, “says Anna Popova, calling for the abandonment of stereotypes “A smart wedding.”

3. To remain without bread and circuses

One of the important components of the wedding is the food of the guests and ensuring their fun. It may seem that the wedding is a holiday for you, not for the guests, as a result, the budget for this section is cut. Alexei Yakovenko is convinced that it is impossible to cut the budget on food: “It happens – everyone came, sat down, said” bitterly, “and the food has already ended, and then you have to run to the store.”

As a result, you risk to spend the same money, but this unnecessary fuss is unlikely to be remembered as a holiday. If the budget is limited, it is better to feed the guests with salad in the country, than to limit themselves to a salad in an expensive restaurant.

With the lead the same situation. Either you saved and a hundred times regretted that this person makes you burn out of shame because of silly jokes, or found a professional and he will create comfort on a big holiday and for aunt from the area, and for a brisk girlfriend singing on stage. Specialists in this matter are very categorical: either to invite a professional or not to call a presenter at all. After all, his main task is not to jest silly, but to make sure that no one is bored and not alone. Therefore, try it in advance: it must provide a complete vision of the entire holiday, and it must coincide with yours.

4. Combine photos with video

Photos are the main artifact that remains after the wedding. Finding a good photographer is no less difficult than finding a facilitator, but it depends on him what exactly you will remember years later and show it to your grandchildren. In order to understand if the photographer is suitable for you, Alexei Yakovenko recommends that you get acquainted personally two months before the event and take a trial lover: if everything goes well, at the wedding you will not be ashamed to show your feelings.

If you want not only photos, but also video, the biggest mistake will be to combine the photographer and the operator in one person Even if a person owns both trades, one he will not be able to take both high-quality photos and a good video at the same time. Such proposals are tempting with the opportunity to save money, but if you want to spend less, it is better to hire a master not for the whole day, but by the hour: good shots are obtained at the ceremony and a walk, but the drunken faces of the guests do not need you.

5. Exploit friends

If your friend or friend knows how to photograph, it is tempting to ask him to shoot a wedding. And the friend himself is unlikely to refuse. “Think that your friends have done you bad, that they are not allowed to rest and have fun, but are they forced to work?” – exclaims Anna Popova. She believes that friends are not unethical to ask for services: they are first and foremost invited guests, they want to relax and sip champagne, and what kind of pictures are there for a drunken photographer?

The same applies to other relationships – if your friend is a florist and a friend works as a sales manager for alcohol, this seems like an advantageous option, but friends by and large are not always able to provide you with a professional service. The risk of spoiling the relationship is great, so it’s better not to tempt fate.

6. Overdo it with accessories

Becoming a bride, even a sensible girl can lose her head – from excitement and emotions. “The mistake of all brides – a wedding once, you need to put on everything that is sold in the wedding salon: veil, diadem, earrings, necklaces, gloves, capes. The spectacle in the end turns out very sad. Just do not show the photo and do not ask for advice on the forum – you will in any case write that the dress is beautiful and you look gorgeous, “- warns Anna Popova.

To cope with the lack of a sense of proportion, you can attract a stylist who will do you a haircut and makeup, or your chosen one: men are more soberly looking at the world. And yet – do not wait for the wedding to leave the maximum amount in the cabin.

So, it is better not to get a haircut immediately before the wedding: an extra volume of hair can be useful for a hairstyle, and procedures for a cosmetologist can cause temporary irritation. 

However, the make-up is better for a professional: the stylist Maria Lipatnikova says that many girls know how to paint well and can cope on their own, but do not take into account one nuance – unprofessional cosmetics often prevents photographers from getting good shots: the makeup for shooting differs from the usual.

Preparing for the wedding, remember that this is primarily your holiday, and not a training ground for the realization of your organizational skills, it is sometimes more useful to relax and understand that mood and love – the main thing in this holiday – are not bought and are not chosen by catalog.

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