March 4, 2024

The vital mistake we’ve all been making when applying our foundation

When you’re in a rush in the morning, it’s hard enough remembering to apply your SPF and mascara, let alone pore over the instructions on your foundation bottle.

But it turns out one particular instruction is more important than you might think – and by ignoring it, you could be totally wreaking havoc with your beauty regime.

Indeed, it transpires that we really should be paying close attention to the ‘shake before use’ instruction on our foundation bottle.

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One Reddit user, Shortline85, found out the hard way before posting a thread about her experience when she noticed a huge difference in the outcome of her base when she shook the bottle pre-application vs when she didn’t.

She noticed that her Smashbox foundation was looking rather orange on her skin and was oxidising almost instantly, so she gave it a good ol’ shake – and the difference was insane.

She posted photos on Reddit captioned: “I decided to shake the hell out of it and saw streaks of various colours, namely white and orange. I shook it for a long time and applied it. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I saw a huge difference. ”

“I have the Fenty foundation and I love it. It says to shake before use on the bottle. One morning I was running late and didn’t shake it too much, looked in the car mirror later that day ( the mirror of truth am I right? ) and was horrified. I was orange! But I wore Fenty so many times so I knew it wasn’t right. The next day I shook the hell out of it and checked again, no Oompa Loompa for me! ”

And it turns out it wasn’t just a fluke, with other users commenting that it had similar results for them. This is down to the way the foundation is stored, as, without movement, the pigments will settle in one position, affecting the overall colour of the product.

We best get to a cocktail making masterclass to perfect that shake…

Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, aslo recently revealed we’ve been applying our foundation wrong all this time.

In an interview with Popsugar, Sir John explained that you should NOT wait for your moisturiser or base to set in before applying your foundation: “Take a wet Beautyblender and while your skin is damp from your moisturiser apply your foundation. ”

Waiting for your moisturiser to dry will create a more full or cakey coverage, which John describes as a “disconnect between how the foundation cements onto your complexion. ”

Sir John also explained that you don’t necessarily need to apply foundation on your entire face, instead apply it only in the areas that need coverage.

As for his favourite products to put this natural look all together? He rates L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro Glow foundation and Nars’ All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, the best in the biz.

Thank you for enlightening us, Sir John.

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