The very best pizza ovens to elevate your late-summer al fresco dinner plans

Forget hours spent labouring over dough waiting for it to rise, today’s range of slick and stylish ovens have become a sought after household staple – and for very good reason.

These powerful, high-tech machines, that can reach a staggering 500°C in less than 10 minutes, produce truly delicious, mouth-watering Neopolitan pizzas that promise to rival your favourite Italian pizzerias and leave you swearing to never eat Dominos again.

At the top of the range is Ooni, the pizza oven company specialising in extreme speed, ultra high heat ovens – not to mention some of the best-looking equipment on the market. Our favourite part? Aside from producing great pizza, Ooni’s multitasking ovens can roast joints of meat, sear vegetables and bake bread too.

If you can’t go to Italy this summer, why not bring Italy to you? Famed for its world class pizza, particularly in Naples where it first evolved, Italy has become one of the most popular summer holiday spots in Europe for the promise of carby, doughy, cheesy goodness for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

However, the impact of Coronavirus putting most travel plans on hold for the foreseeable future has meant truly authentic Italian pizza is out of reach. Or is it? With an endless spell of warm weather in the UK, and an involuntary amount of time spent in the garden, lockdown has marked the euphoric rise of the pizza oven.

From Ooni’s state-of-the-art gas-powered oven that creates whopping 16 inch pizzas in just 60 seconds, to Monstershops sought after oven with a fitted in pizza stone, there’s no shortage of ways to fasttrack yourself to Naples this summer.

Forget BBQ’s, these are the best pizza ovens to take your late-summer al fresco dining to the next level. Unbuttoned jeans and loose waistbands at the ready.

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