The ultimate bra shopping guide for small boobs

But unfortunately, there is no getting away from the fact that we all need to provide some support for our boobs – and having a smaller cup size doesn’t preclude you. While you may not require as much support as someone with a DD cup, a good bra is still an absolute must have. Why, you ask?

If you don’t provide your boobs – no matter how small – with support on an ongoing basis, experts say that sagging is inevitable and you may even cause damage to the ligaments that support your boobs. Ouch.

And although we’d like to get away with just wearing a sports bra most days (they’re just so damn comfortable), a properly fitting bra really is a wardrobe non-negotiable – and honestly, once you find one you love, you’ll wonder how you went a day without it. So if you have a smaller chest, read on for our guide on how to find the perfect bra and our edit of the best bras for small boobs.

There are a couple of items in a women’s wardrobe that just the mere thought of shopping for, induces immediate panic. Jeans are a common offender, and then of course, there are bras.

No matter your cup size, trying to find the perfect bra – that is, one that fits properly, is in stock in your size and you actually like the look of – can feel like a mammoth task. Add in the fact that, thanks to Coronavirus and current restrictions, the vast majority of us aren’t able to go in store and try on as many bras as it takes to find *the one*, it’s no wonder it’s an item we’d rather avoid shopping for right now.

Making sure you have the correct cup size

In an ideal world, getting measured for your correct cup size is the breast start (sorry) to any bra shopping journey. However, until physical stores re-open, we’re on our own. Whilst we all like to think our bra size hasn’t changed since our mum/friend/sister last cajoled us into getting a proper fitting, the fact is, it almost definitely has. Using our genius guide you you can measure your bra size at home, helping you figure out exactly your cup and band size. Step one sorted.

Choose the right bra cut for your small boobs

All bras are not created equal and a bra style that works for a friend might not work for you – even if you’re the same cup size. Whilst the correct fit is important, the spacing of the cups is equally as important to pay attention to. If your boobs sit further apart on your chest (as often is the case for those with smaller boobs), you should rather go for a style with a gap between the cups, thus ensuring the cups actually sit over your breasts and provide the support they need. If however, even as a small chested women, you find your boobs sit closer together, a bra with touching cups will work better for you.

Bralettes are a must-have for small boobs

If you have small boobs there is no better style then a bralette. A real advantage to having a smaller chest is needing less support, so this super stylish style is perfect for your chest – especially in a triangle cut. Not only do you get the comfort of going without an underwire (yes please!) but a bralette is the most flattering style for small boobs, as it frames the natural shape of the breast.

The best bras for small boobs

Once you’ve figured out the size, cut and style of the bra that will work for you, the fun starts. The selection of bras for small boobs has grown significantly over the past few years so you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. For basic, every day bras look to M&S for well priced styles, SKIMS for the ultimate colour range and Uniqlo for their multiway bras. If you’re looking for something more interesting, Arket and other stories will quickly become your go-tos for a selection of bralettes in on-trend prints.

And if you’re looking to splash a bit more cash on yourself? Our top pick would be this longline bralette from Fleur de Mal in canary yellow – at £150 it’s an investment, but one that will have you (and your boobs) looking and feeling your best.

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