The Top You Will See Every Chic Influencer and Dara in This Summer

Who knew placing a small circle in your cleavage could look so cool? Musier Top Louison, $153, available here.

You’ve probably seen a few basket-toting, Mango-wearing influencers on Instagram in this top, but (fingers crossed) you’ll see me in it this summer – looks like the globe-trotting babes of social media have done their job yet again!

I came across it in early April, when the brand that boasts this vintage-looking, slightly reminiscent of the “Pretty Woman” Hunza G bodysuit, blouse launched. I later learned that the young label is the brainchild of Paris-based blogger Anne-Laure Mais, who lives her ultra-chic life in cool polka dots, leopard prints and flared pink pants.

I, however, do not live my life in leopard spots, but I love a good print – especially a floral one that gives off ’70s vibes – which is one reason I’d like to wear this top on repeat until it gets cold again. Another reason is, of course, the centrally placed ring that holds it all together; who knew placing a small circle in your cleavage could look so cool?

Musier Top Louison, $153, available here.

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