April 17, 2024

The Tokyo Olympics Games are inspiring us on so many levels (including our beauty looks)

The event, which takes place every four years, is never short of joy, heartbreak, suspense, drama and, of course, gold medals. This year is no different, and after a long five-year wait (after it being postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19), it’s perhaps even more inspiring than ever.

Tokyo 2020 is still wowing us with many moments of strength, power, camaraderie, and pure talent. It makes sense: the Olympics is the most hotly-anticipated and most prestigious sports event of them all, with the best athletes on the planet coming together to represent their nations and showcasing their athleticism to compete for the greatest title in their sport.

As well as inspiring us in sports, determination and dedication, the Olympics also serves some seriously chic beauty looks, from statement nail art, to neon eyeliner, to every hair colour imaginable. This is – of course – not to discount or overlook the profound beauty of seeing athletes attain ultimate excellence, while battling through the hardest competition of their lives, however, some of the lewks alone deserve a medal.

These Olympians’ beauty looks go well beyond serving a pretty face, or a camera ready photo-finish, they also represent confidence, self-expression and freedom to be their best selves, breaking down any stereotypes or glass ceilings in their way.

This year, we’re seeing a lot of electric colours on hair (think tennis player Naomi Osaka with an edgy red and black blend of box braids), long patriotic nails from Namibian sprinter Christine Mbomathe and striking cat-eye liner from Portuguese medalist triple jumper Patricia Mamona.

We’re also obsessing over American Sprinter Gabby Thomas XXL hair, and can’t stop talking about British long jump finalist Jaz Sawyer and her blond space buns.

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