The thumbprint eyeliner trend means you can now nail a cat eye in five seconds

Crafting an eyeliner flick sharper than Ariana Grande’s or nailing a floating crease to the standard of a makeup artist takes time, effort and a whole lot of micellar water and Q-tips.

But the SS18 trend born on the catwalk and about to be brought to life by (well, you) will only take you about five seconds to nail, and has the very same eye-opening effect we all strive for.

Dubbed as ‘thumbprint’ eyeliner, the thicker, imperfect sister of the winged eye first grabbed our attention at Jason Wu’s Spring 2018 show.

The makeup artist behind the look, Yadim Carranza told Vogue it was a last minute change, as he felt the makeup was ‘missing something. And the something was the thumbprint like design you see hugging the outer corners of Bella Hadid’s eyelids.

Super easy, but effective, Yandam says “you just stamp each side, and then go back to fill it in to make it a little bit more perfect – but not too perfect!”

Yep, literally just dip your finger in your pot of gel liner or eyeshadow, press it in place and girl, you are done.

We find eyeshadow is better for creating a subtler version, as it has a softer finish. But don’t be afraid to mix up your colour and textures too – a glitter thumbprint would fit right in at a festival.

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