The three most popular ways to combat unwanted hair and their possible consequences

With the arrival of spring, even those ladies who advocate for naturalness, think about ways to get rid of one of its vivid manifestations – vegetation on the body.

And although the manufacturers of shaving machines and epilators each season are presented with new coatings and nozzles, ensuring that this time everything will be different, a unique way to combat hair on the body, is still not found. The correspondent considered the most common ways of getting rid of hair from the position of price, effect and negative consequences.

According to a survey conducted on SHE, 61% of the readers get rid of hair using a shaving machine, in second place the epilator – it was preferred by 21%, 6% waxed, almost 5% of lucky ones declared that they do not have excess hair, about 4% use cream for depilation and 2% chose for themselves photo and laser hair removal. 

1. Shaving machine

Price: The popularity of the shaving machine is largely related to this – in comparison with the purchase of the epilator and a trip to the cabin, the machine appreciably wins. On average, a reusable shaving machine of a well-known manufacturer will cost 160-370 rubles, one-time shaving is much cheaper.

Time: 5-10 minutes. Another plus in favor of the machine.

Feel:It does not hurt. The only thing that can cause unpleasant sensations is random cuts, but this can happen either if your machine is initially of poor quality, or when it’s time to change the blade.

Effect: 1-2 days. The weakest place is with a razor. At the same time, there is a feeling that with each hair there is more hair. “The razor stimulates hair growth,” confirms Elena Shcheglova, a cosmetologist at the Elena clinic. “It’s enough to recall the male stubble – men constantly shave and the hair becomes thicker and thicker.” Yet it is worth noting that the problem of ingrown hair is almost unknown to those who use a razor, as hair quickly appears, they do not have time to change the direction of growth.

Minuses:In addition to a significant shortage in the form of instantly grown hair, shaving often accompanies irritation.

“The razor is the most traumatic way of combating hair, there are more chances of joining a secondary infection, that’s why there is likely to be irritation, warns Elena Feoktistova, dermatologist at the medical center “Zdravitsa”. “If a person suffers from chronic skin diseases – psoriasis, eczema, then they can become worse.”

In this case, according to the dermatologist, the name of the manufacturer affects not only the price – improved slip, special coatings attracted by famous brands, less often cause irritation compared to the production of nameless producers.

Zones: The razor can remove hair in any zone, but all the interviewed experts have negatively commented on this method. Only Elena Feoktistova noted the zone of axillary depressions: “This part of the body is quite painful, and even those who have long been using wax and epilator in other areas, the epilation of the axillary cavities is often not solved. Therefore, the machine is better – it’s a very sensitive area. ”

2. Epilator

Price:According to the sellers of the Eldorado store, the price of the epilator varies from 879 to 6699 rubles. Most often, the models are purchased at a price of 2200-2300 rubles. In addition to massage rollers and ceramic tweezers, thanks to which, according to manufacturers, epilation is less painful and more qualitative, novelties are used – models that can be used without getting out of the bath. “The price category depends on what nozzles are included, ask about the presence of massage rollers, lighting and cooling gloves,” the seller says. – Recently, epilators are popular, which can be used in the shower. ”

Time: This is definitely not an express method – depending on the zone chosen for epilation and pain threshold you will spend 20-30 minutes.

Feel:Call the procedure painless, the tongue does not turn, even if you have been using the epilator for years. “The epilator is very painful, the discomfort is very large. Of course, massage rollers, cooling mittens reduce pain, but it all depends on individual pain tolerance, “says Elena Shcheglova, a cosmetologist at the Elena Clinic. Natalia Troyanova, a cosmetologist at the Medical Club, agrees with her: “Home epilator is a painful and laborious method, not suitable for everyone.”

Effect: 2-3 weeks. The most patient receive a reward – for half a month you can forget about excess vegetation.

Minuses:Two weeks of joy can be overshadowed by ingrown hairs. “We tear our hair against the direction of their growth. And when a new hair begins to appear from under the skin, it can change direction, “- explains Natalia Troyanova. To avoid such troubles, experts recommend using scrub three days after epilation, and if the problem of ingrown hair is acute, it is better to go through the skin every three days with a stiff washcloth.

In addition, experts note the problem of fine hair – their epilator can not “notice” at all. But this does not mean that you need to attack your hair the next day.

“I had patients who came to fanaticism – every day I used a depilator. As a result, they came with severe complications, dermatitis, up to eczema, “Elena Feoktistova shares terrible stories from practice. 

Zones: It’s best to apply this miracle technique in the leg area. To give up the tearing of the zone of bikini and armpits are solved only the most courageous.

3. Wax epilation

Price: Epilation in the cabin will cost 350-650 rubles per shin, 230-450 rubles. for the armpits and 500-700 rubles. for the bikini line, a deep bikini will be more expensive – 1000-1500 rubles. The availability of professional cosmetics in free access allows you to save money. As told in the store “Heitak”, girls buy wax in cans (400 g) – 400 rubles., Which is used in the form of special strips, and wax, which must be heated, – 110 rubles. for a cartridge (it will be enough for legs, and still on hands it will remain), and even rather expensive wax-ups – 1400 rbl.

Time: Get rid of the hair in the region of the shins with the necessary skill and without considering the time of heating the wax can be in 20-30 minutes.

Feel:It hurts. If you are interested in the nature of pain compared to the epilator, it is different – the pain is short, lasts only at the time of removal and quickly passes. According to Elena Shcheglova, in this case it is important to consider the cycle: during the first 10 days after menstruation, the pain is much less felt.

Effect: 2-4 weeks. And experts assure, that at the regular approach in some places hair can cease to grow absolutely.

Minuses:According to all specialists, after waxing hair can grow, but it happens much less often. “This is the most gentle type of hair removal, after it I see the least complications,” admits the dermatologist Elena Feoktistova, but recalls the preparation of the skin and the use of scrubs. As for varicose veins, this is one of the negative factors, and anxiety is an extra reason to consult a doctor.

Zones: Wax is suitable for any zone, but experts do not strongly recommend doing a deep bikini yourself.

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