The Staircase documentary will be your next Netflix obsession

Netflix has well and truly tapped into the goldmine that is our morbid obsession with documentaries and controversial TV series. Making A Murderer turned us all into armchair detectives, Evil Genius made us question what we know, Wild Wild Country opened our eyes to the world of modern cults and we’re constantly crying out for more.

If you’re craving another series to sink your teeth into, The Staircase is certain to tick plenty of your boxes. It follows the case of Michael Peterson, a crime novelist who was charged and convicted of the murder of his wife, Kathleen. But did he do it? Well, that’s what the series is asking you to find out.

First released in 2004, the director, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, was able to follow the case as it unfolded, which saw Michael aim to clear his name after his wife was found dead at the bottom of their staircase in 2001.

We’re not going to tell you too much more about the case for those of you who hate spoilers (the Wikipedia page makes for some very interesting reading), but the trailer dropped on May 22 and DAMN, it looks interesting.

The series will include the original 2004 documentary along with three new episodes and will debut on the streaming service from June 8.

Will you be tuning in?

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