July 18, 2024

The Sneaky Way Thieves Can Break into Hotel Safes

There are only so many places to hide your valuables in a hotel room: in a dresser or nightstand drawer, under the bed, in the closet, and, of course, the hotel safe. Out of these options, the safe would appear to be the best place to keep your things, well, safe.

But just because it locks doesn’t mean it does all that good of a job.

A YouTube user named LockPickingLawyer posted a video that shows just how easy it is for clever thieves to open your locked hotel safe, even if they don’t know your passcode. (Find out the gross reason why you should think twice before sitting in a hotel chair. )

A quick disclaimer: The safe he uses is a Saflok product, and not all hotels necessarily use that brand. However, there’s a good chance the one you’re staying in is following suit. Never do these six things on vacation.

He first demonstrates that the safe does in fact work by setting his four-digit passcode and entering an incorrect code. The safe doesn’t open, and the expensive bottle of scotch whiskey he put inside it is still secure.

The problem is, the safe still has the same administrator password that all Saflok safes get when they’re made. Anyone who knows that code can easily override the safe’s settings and unlock it with no trouble. He hits the lock button twice, which puts the safe in “super user” mode, enters the factory code 999999, and voila. The safe is open.

Let this be a warning to all your vacationers and frequent travellers. Before you lock anything away on your getaway, make sure the hotel has changed your safe’s administrator passcode.

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