The Sneaky Way Shampoo Models Get Perfect Hair in Ads

The latest way a major drugstore line is combating unrealistic beauty expectations comes courtesy of Suave, whose latest ad series is out to expose some of the ridiculous ways shampoo models get “perfect” hair.

One of the most compelling and important beauty trends of late is the industry’s burgeoning dedication to transparency in advertising. Brands such as Dove, CVS, and Madison Reed are pledging to reduce or completely eliminate the use of retouching on campaign imagery, and hopefully, as the year goes on, more companies will follow suit.

According to the brand’s research, up to 74 percent of millennials don’t believe that their strands will ever look like the kind they see in advertisements. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those people are right.

That’s because most photo shoot sets employ insane tricks to give their models perfect volume and shine, such as putting Styrofoam balls in hair to puff it up and using green-screen-suited assistants to move hair with poles so it catches the light just right.

It all sounds silly until you realize such white beauty lies lead to one-third of shoppers feeling upset, frustrated, and deceived when they purchase a product and don’t get the expected results.

To combat this, Suave’s latest campaign features women doing their own hair with its products – to pretty impressive results! See for yourself in the ad below, and then read on to see these shady techniques IRL.

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