The Simple Way This Woman Lost Her First 70 Pounds

If 25-year-old Alex Baca were to give advice to anyone trying to lose it weight, she’d keep it super simple: “Track your food.” It was tracking everything she ate on an app called Lose It! that jump-started her weight loss and led her to shed 125 pounds since February 2017.

The Simple Way This Woman Lost Her First 70 Pounds (No Gym Involved!)

Alex was fresh out of college and nearing the 350-pound mark when she hit a turning point. “It had been years since I’d looked at the scale, and I was in shock. I was depressed after college, couldn’t find a job, and was unsure of what was next for me. I knew if there was going to be a time for me to make a major lifestyle change, the time would be now,” she told POPSUGAR.

She started with only tracking her food and cutting out everything processed. About eight months later, after losing more than 70 pounds, she began adding in workouts and found out that the gym isn’t such a scary place and can even be fun.

Since starting her weight-loss journey, Alex has learned a lot about meal-prepping and creating healthy recipes – and now she’s helping her friends too. “I’ve started virtually meal prepping for friends now by creating grocery lists and recipes for the week for them and cheering them on through Lose It!, as part of their daily motivation,” she said.

Keep reading for more about Alex’s weight loss and to find out exactly what she keeps stocked in her kitchen to satisfy all her cravings.

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