The simple things that instantly enrage people

We asked you, the Chivers, what is something that instantly pisses you off. Here are some of the best replies from our Instagram.

“When people walk slow in front of me”

“When my headphones wire get caught on something and get ripped out of my ears…. instant rage!!!”

“That awkward moment between birth and death”

“Guys named Chad”

“When a customer orders a water and they don’t drink it.”

“People who do not understand KEEP RIGHT, PASS LEFT and sit in the passing lane like they own it.”

“When some says “relax”

“All this new age “rap” coming out where dudes say the same 5 words for the whole song.”

“Bearded hipsters. And cats”


“Flo from progressive, fuck that bitch”


“People that can’t seem to put the shopping carts in the cart corrals at grocery stores properly…..meaning stacked inside one another”

“When people say “I need to ask you something.” And then just pause and won’t ask the question.”

“People chewing like a fucking horse.”

“People who don’t pronounce the D in sandwich.”

“Being ghosted for no reason when the conversation was going good”

“When someone sends an email, then immediately calls to leave a voice-mail and let you know they sent an email”

“Biting into a soft shell taco, only to have the filling fall out the other side”

“I believe the Earth is flat”

“People who don’t re-rack their fucking weights.”

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