May 25, 2024

The shoulder blade bob is pretty, timeless and low-key sexy

Deciding on a bob is one thing, but the length can change the vibe entirely. A super-cropped French bob is cheeky and chic. As for a shoulder blade bob, it’s grown-up, stylish, timeless and low-key sexy, too, hitting just about the collarbone and décolletage.

It’s the perfect middle ground between a longer length midi cut and a shorter crop or pixie. It gives you the drama of a major chop (especially if you’re getting it cut in from a much longer length) but the versatility of some extra inches, which gives you the freedom to tie it up and out the way when you wish.

You should be able to get a dinky ponytail or bun out of a shoulder blade bob. In fact, we have all the pretty short hairstyle ideas to prove it.

The type of cut you request can also change the feel of the cut. Mega blunt ends will give you a smart, sleek finish, whereas a soft-blunt cut can still offer something polished, that’s a little bit more relaxed. A little bit of wispiness will introduce texture and help it to feel more worn-in and wearable.

And while bobs aren’t meant to be ultra choppy, you could sprinkle in a few invisible layers through for texture.

As for styling, this will depend on your hair type. Girls with thick hair and curls can add weight with oils or balms to enhance pretty texture, like Boucleme’s Curl Cream or Moroccanoil’s Curl Defining Cream. Fine-haired girls can introduce extra volume at the roots with texturising mists and root lift spray Redken Voume Root Lifting Spray.

If you like more of a mussy,  undone finish, add a wave spray. Or if you want it sleek, with a nod to the ‘90s blow dry, add a shine spray like ColorWow’s Dreamcoat.

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