The ‘Selfieccino’ Takes Latte Art To Its Natural Conclusion

Besides avocado toast, is there anything more closely associated with millennials than selfies and latte art? The answer is no. Which is probably why a London cafe called Tea Terrance has combined the two into a creation they’re calling the “Selfieccino.”

And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. For a cool $7.50, you can have your face printed in foam atop a milk-based espresso beverage. Then, you can take a picture of this foam picture of yourself before consuming your own face in what feels like part of some kind of philosophical paradox.

According to Grub Street, customers order the drink, message a picture of themselves to the cafe’s app, and wait about four minutes for a high-tech, selfie foam-producing machine called the Cino to craft their latte portrait from flavorless food coloring. Forget about self-driving cars, because we are truly living in the future now.

Cafe owner Ehab Salem Shouly told Reuters that, “Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted. It’s not enough anymore to just deliver great food and great service – it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”

And clearly, his plan is working. Over 400 of the beverages have been ordered (and meticulously documented) since the launch last weekend. And while the original Selfieccino is only available in London, it probably won’t be long before the phenomenon sweeps cafes in America and elsewhere. After all, there’s a tiny, caffeine-starved narcissist living inside each one of us, just begging to stamp their face on some coffee.

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