The rules of winter skin care, nutrition and the fight against depression for this Siberian woman

“Well, that’s all – winter,” sighed the pessimists last week, when the first real snowfall woke up on the darkened and grayed city.Considering that about a third of the life of a Siberian resident falls just for the winter, to hold it in a state of hibernation on the go, seasonal illnesses and complaints of discouragement is at least stupid.

It would be good to find your charm in the winter – after all, it is quite possible for the people of warm countries, who are forced to celebrate Christmas at the palm tree, our life among the snow-covered fluffy trees seems unusual and romantic.

Let us correspond to their ideas drawn from the cinema about us – wrapped in fur, with a natural blush from the frost, always fresh and fresh Siberian beauties. The correspondent of SHE asked a somnologist (a sleep specialist), a nutritionist, a cosmetologist and a psychologist to advise,

The sonnologist: more sun! 

In late autumn, the cunning organism begins to struggle to pretend that it is more than natural to fall asleep in winter for the human species. “The light time of day is shortened, so the level of serotonin decreases, in this regard I want to sleep more,” explains the sleep specialist Jan Ivanov, a somnologist at the medical center “Naedine-N.” Her colleague, Sergei Yarosh, explains that in essence, there is no more objective physiological need in the dream than in the summer.

A constant desire to take a nap doctors explain that sleep is a protective mechanism that helps to cope with stress.

Against the winter deterioration of mood helps a lot, no matter how boring it may sound, the regime: go to bed and get up doctors recommend at the same time, sleep at least 6 hours a day, and ideally 7-9 hours. To get up and go to bed is early – to have time to get your portion of the short winter sun. And those who feel that the sunlight is still not enough, can get it for the doctor’s appointment: in the cabinets of light therapy, where special lamps of bright light are used (the session costs about 500 rubles).

As for the transfer of the shooters, then, according to Sergei Yarosh, he is not so terrible as it seems: “There have been studies that showed that the transfer of time per hour does not affect healthy people. It affects only those who already have health problems, for example, chronic diseases. On all the rest, the negative agiotage is more affected.”

The cosmetician: humidify it

In the winter the skin suffers constantly. On the street – from the cold and wind, at home and in the office – from the heating that the skin dries. Yana Zaitseva, cosmetologist at the Sunshine Health Center, recommends strengthening the nourishment and hydration of the skin in winter, choosing more fatty and dense creams, which include glycerin and skin protecting oils. Winter creams, like ordinary, are selected by skin type.

In the cold period, you need to pay more attention to nutritious masks. “For example, paraffinotherapy helps,” the cosmetologist explains. “It moisturizes the skin well, warms it and provides a better penetration of the concentrates, that is, the beneficial substances we apply to paraffin.”

Such masks are selected depending on individual skin problems. As soon as the heat goes away, many of those who only manage to shine with lip gloss in the summer begin to apply more serious makeup – and this is reasonable: the powder serves as an extra protection against the icy wind.

Otherwise, skin care is not different from summer. For example, after cleansing the beautician must use a protective cream, but from the purge itself, it is not necessary to refuse. 

Dietician: eat meat!

A real Russian beauty in a sable fur coat can not survive the winter on some land and diet “Kolya”. It’s not just pleasant, but it’s also useful to allow yourself more. As explained by Albina Nikitin, a nutritionist of the NACO health and diagnostic center, in winter many calories are spent on warming the body. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, you need to increase the amount of fat in the diet. Of fruits, the leader in caloric content is considered to be avocado, from animal products it is worth to increase the consumption of meat – and, finally, afford a slice of fat!

Dietitian recommends eating 60 grams of meat a day in the winter. These are three pieces measuring 3 by 4 centimeters, half a centimeter thick.

Even vegetables and fruits in the cold are best stewed with the addition of animal fats. About weight gain, you do not have to worry: even if 2-3 kilograms are added, this is normal for the winter, and in the spring they will easily go away.

If the winter melancholy is constantly napping something to chew, it is better to take not for the cookies, but for vegetables and fruits. “Carrots are suitable for this role,” explains Albina Nikitina. “The jaw is tired of chewing, so you do not eat much, and it’s very low-calorie.”

Psychologist: we should rejoice! 

However, psychologists advise not to go on about the winter melancholy, pulling something to eat, then to sleep. “Man is subject to all cyclical changes of the seasons,” explains Tatyana Anisimova, head of the psychological center “For myself.” “We tend to internally turn around to save the energy reserve before the sun, dawn and heat come. Therefore, such a conservation occurs. ” To “shake up”, advise to move more.

“A small physical load is required,” continues Tatyana Anisimova.

To our services snowboard, skates, skis, horse riding, and just walks in the park, decorated with hoarfrost and snow (remember – residents of hot countries see this only on postcards!). And do not forget to pamper yourself: when the day is shortened, and because of the frost and ice, any distances seem twice as long as at any other time of the year, we are less likely to meet pleasant people. Meanwhile, psychologists prescribe us communication – for cheerfulness, optimism and work capacity.

A smile and radiant cheeks, an appetizing sandwich with a slice of fat and skating on a frosty morning in the sun – these are the signs of the coming winter. Definitely, we can only envy.

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