Celebrity hairdresser says grown-out highlights are in for summer

Once regarded as a cardinal sin in our beauty regimes, the root is officially on trend and praise be, because mine are currently lining up with my ears.

Did anyone else’s heart sink when they heard the rumour that hair salons could be closed for a further six months? If, like me, you’re really regretting the decision to transform your hair colour pre-lockdown, have natural greys growing through or are mourning the loss of your six-weekly highlights appointment, I come bearing good news. The root is back!

If your natural colour is making a reappearance with a vengeance and you don’t want to attempt to dye your hair at home, celebrity hairdresser Jack Baxter advises leaving your roots to do their thing. “We have so much to contend with mentally without looking in the mirror and feeling down about our hair as well. Our hair is such a significant part of our self-esteem and overall appearance that when we feel it doesn’t look its best, it can have an impact on our wellbeing.

“Despite how our roots may make us feel, the root is undeniably cool again, hence ‘the return of the root’.”

Jack says that even when lockdown is over, the root will hold court as a key hair colour trend for 2020 and there are a plethora of colouring techniques you can ask your hairdresser for to enhance your roots, such as…

‘The Root Smudge’ is loved by my client and YouTube sensation, Jamie Genevieve. This is an extension of your natural colour at your root to drag the root out a little and blend seamlessly into your blonde or balayage. This technique is great as your natural colour works perfectly with your skin tone and will give you much more longevity between appointments.

‘The Deliberate Root’ Whilst it may seem crazy to paint a root on with a fresh set of highlights, it works. For blondes, adding a small and subtle root right at the root of your hair before applying the blonde highlights will make a huge difference when your hair is growing in. It gives you that ‘lived in look’ that is so desirable and done yet undone.

‘The Colour Contrast’ Again recently showcased by my muse Jamie, this look is not for the fainthearted but a fun way to try something new and introduce lightness into your hair without an all-over commitment. With Jamie, we added platinum to raven black as this was her trademark hairstyle when she first became an influencer many years ago. You can try lighter face framing pieces if your hair is dirty blonde or if you’re a brunette. It’s about lifting your complexion and being playful.

Whilst it’s fun to daydream about returning to your hairdresser, in reality we may have a long and rooty journey ahead of us so Jack has shared a guide to isolation root maintenance for every hair colour…

Californian Blondes

Shade: Golden caramel blonde with sun-kissed highlights and honey toned strands weaved throughout.

Problem: Your roots are giving you away and fast revealing your natural colour.

Solution: Spray away with Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray. Quick drying with a great coverage this spray and go method is your bff. Mist over your roots and gently brush to blend fully.

Icy Platinum

Shade: Classic platinum blonde or silver hue.

Problem: Brass tones are yellowing your white base and your roots are darker than ever.

Solution: Deep cleanse with silver shampoo. Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo will instantly cleanse your hair from any unwanted yellow tones and reveal a clean platinum base. For your roots, try dry shampoo to lighten. Try IGK Hair First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo.


Shade: Copper and auburn tones blended beautifully to create a brunette cocktail.

Problem: Roots creeping in and general lack lustre appearance.

Solution: Hydration is key to inject moisture back in to your hair and root touch up is your go to for removing the appearance of lighter roots. I recommend Josh Wood Root Smudger to conceal regrowth. Try Redken All Soft Deep Conditioning Mega Mask to combat lackluster locks.

Raven Black

Shade: Dark as the night glossy black.

Problem: Grey strands peeking through the dark facade.

Solution: Dab, dab, dab. Take a Josh Wood Blending Brush and spot on the grey hairs to watch them disappear. A super quick fix to leave your hair looking glossy and fresh in an instant.

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