May 25, 2024

The Residence Mauritius Resort is the dream family vacation spot

You know those people that book flights after any minor inconvenience in their lives? I am  ‘people’. I usually try to keep things as budget friendly as possible, however, that is not to say that every once in a while, I can’t treat myself to a long-haul trip to a utopian, heavenly destination to really, well and truly, unwind. The moment I saw pictures of The Residence Mauritius, I was hooked.

Much like fish need water, my melanated skin needs sun, my body needs nutritious hearty food and my mind needs to be fuelled with history and knowledge, so by default, I wanted to pick my latest family vacation somewhere rich in culture and even richer in sun.

Being of African descent, it meant that stepping toes into an African island was a no brainer. Mauritius also features beautiful landscapes, the friendliest of people, the most eclectic mix of food, white sandy beaches, I could go on…

I stayed at The Residence with my two sisters. Although people often see Mauritius as being a couple or honeymoon destination, on the contrary I thought it was a very family friendly destination perfect for groups of all ages, and to be honest, I felt right at home (and the locals must felt it too, as they often addressed us in their native Creole dialect).

Upon arrival on the island, we were greeted by the friendliest cab driver. Who took us on an hour long drive to the hotel. The journey itself felt a lot quicker though, as we were distracted by the poker green and mountainous surroundings, serene crystal clear waters, and the vast sugar cane fields.

The Residence Mauritius Resort is the dream family vacation spot — See photos

The hotel is located in the beautiful Belle Mare area of the island and is surrounded by epic tropical gardens, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. As far as the property itself, as soon as you set foot in the entrance you’re greeted with the most breathtaking sky high ceilings, with a direct view b-lining the sea.

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