The recipe of youth

In the spring I especially want to look young and beautiful, but how to achieve this without painful injections and surgeries?

Modern cosmetology is ready to answer this question. Radiofrequency lifting has conquered Europe and America and is becoming more popular in Russia. What is the secret of the rejuvenating power of radio frequencies?

Until recently, when speaking about non-invasive methods of rejuvenation, specialists always compared them to a surgical lift-as with an aesthetic standard that could rejuvenate a woman for several decades. With the advent of RF-methods the situation is changing. Radiofrequency lifting is a procedure that is not only comparable to a plastic operation, but in certain respects it is considerably superior to it.

Reference:Radiofrequency lifting came to cosmetology from medicine. Radiofrequency waves (RV) were first applied in medicine in 1905 by the Czech doctor Zeynek. For more than 100 years, RVs have been used to treat joints and muscles, which allows us to talk about all the delayed effects of this technique. Since 2004, in Europe and the USA, radio frequency waves in cosmetology are actively used.

The usual lifting is the excision of excess skin and ensuring its more tight fit to the muscles. Radio waves actively affect all signs of skin aging, including the hypodermal layer: wrinkles of all kinds (mimic, structural and chrono – lack of skin tone, various sagging and folds, enlarged pores).

Thus, a person after a radiofrequency lift is not just a person with a mechanically stretched skin, this is a smooth face of an absolutely rejuvenated species due to the formed collagen matrix (what gives young people the disagreement). In addition, radiofrequency lifting helps restore all skin functions, improve trophism of tissues, which makes it possible to prolong the result due to natural resources of the body. The skin, as it were, receives a new powerful impetus to regeneration and rejuvenation.

The process, caused by procedures of radiofrequency lifting, goes on the best way from all possible.

Namely, RF-lifting makes the skin cells “feel” young and “act” accordingly – independently produce as much collagen and elastin as necessary to keep the skin elastic and fresh. 

Radiofrequency energy causes the fibers of collagen and elastin to compact and contract. Accordingly, the skin is pulled from the inside, wrinkles are smoothed, flabbiness and sagging disappear.

Monopolar or bipolar?

There are two main types of devices for RF lifting – monopolar and bipolar.

Radio frequencies exert their influence between the active and passive electrodes. Typically, a passive electrode is placed next to the zone on which the procedure is performed. In the case of bipolar (tripolar, sympolar) RF lifting, the second electrode is integrated into the manipulation itself, which is affected.

Therefore, there is no need to put it under the body. Thus, the RF energy will only act under the manipulation zone. It can be seen from the figures that with a monopolar technique, the effect will be deeper, and with a bipolar technique, the effect will be more shallow. 

It is now well known that the monopolar method has a deeper effect and is more effective.

To be afraid, that at procedures on face RF will penetrate too deeply, it is not necessary. All currents move along the path of least resistance, i.e. RF energy will only affect the dermis. This is evident from the thermal effect. 

The salon of modern hardware cosmetology “Aurora” works on the monopolar Italian apparatus Beauty RF.

How long does the miracle effect last?

In many ways, the “hone potential” depends on the internal state of your body (this, however, applies to the duration of the effect after plastic surgery). The course is usually designed for 8 procedures with an interval of 5-7 days. The warming stimulates the dermis cells, triggering the active production of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Thus, the process of rejuvenation continues for another half a year after the course of procedures. And then at least a year you can enjoy the result. 

The attractiveness of the procedure provides a minimum of contraindications, the absence of a rehabilitation period, the comfort of the procedure. Has no seasonal restrictions.

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