May 24, 2024

The Products and Habits on to Make Back-to-School Safer and Healthier For Kids

Camden, who will be in 4th grade this year, is the oldest boy at 9 years old, and is a social butterfly – he’s always riding his bike, playing water games with friends, and building complex Lego sets.

Nori is 6 and going into first grade; her mom says, “She is a vivacious ball of energy and has the most determined spirit of any kid I know! She has the grit of an Olympian and a competitive fire. ” And last, but not least, Kenai is the baby of the family even though he’s now 3. This happy-go-lucky little dude will be starting preschool this year.

Rebecca’s five kids range in age from 3 years old to 14, so she truly knows all there is to know about back to school for every age group. Teya, her oldest, is starting high school this year and – like many of her Gen-Z peers – is passionate about politics and government.

Next in line at 12 years old is Brinley, who will be heading into 7th grade. She’s the artist in the family and loves to sing, dance, play the violin and piano, and draw.

It’s no wonder Rebecca is up at 5:15 a. m. every morning to get in some me time before the brood wakes up, especially as she’s been dealing with the new world of virtual learning. “With five kids in three different schools, virtual learning definitely takes a lot of planning, patience, and flexibility,” she said.

“We try to write out a schedule for the day but know that sometimes it has to be fluid. The kids really miss seeing their friends and being able to ask their teachers questions when they don’t understand something, but they have been pretty resilient despite some of the frustrations of learning remotely. ”

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