April 19, 2024

The Pride edition of our #BlendOutBullying campaign is here and it’s amazing

Pride month is an important time to speak up and fight for the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community.

So, we’re partnering with the organisation Anti Bullying Pro, who are involved with the charity The Diana Award. For our #BlendOutBullying campaign, we ask people to take a stand against online bullies by writing their hateful words on their faces in lipstick, concealer or contour and blending it out to create a beautiful makeup look.

For the Pride edition of #BlendOutBullying this month, we asked some incredible queer people to take part. Here they are, in all their loveliness.

Jade Laurice

Artist, influencer and founder of customised vintage clothing brand, Poca London, Jade Laurice is unapologetically herself. She grew up being called weird and odd from a young age, and now Jade expresses her queerness with her art. She prints slogans like ‘Queens Love Queens Sometimes’ on some of her pieces, for example.

Lottie Lamour

An influencer and a creative, Lottie Lamour proudly presents her life on social media. She experiences direct discrimination on an everyday level, and she shares her thoughts on her place in the queer community to provide crucial representation for those who can’t, or simply don’t want to speak. As a plus-size, lesbian woman, she shows her body in a beautiful, comfortable light.

Ellis Atlantis

Winner of BBC3’s Glow Up makeup competition show, MUA and drag queen Ellis Atlantis explores the beauty of queer culture through his makeup looks. In the the drag community, where exaggeration and being allowed to be yourself is mandatory, he utilises his makeup artistry to create amazing looks.

Jamie Windust

Writer, speaker and editor of Fruitcake Magazine, Jamie Windust represents a non-binary experience of queerness, regularly producting content for the LGBTQIA+ community through their work in magazines and social media. Fashion and makeup play a large part in their life. Jamie gets a huge amount of discrimination, but they’re fighting back.

Cambell Kenneford

Transgender model and activist Cambell Kenneford is at the forefront of trans representation, featuring in high profile campaigns for Pantene in addition to her large social media following. Unafraid to showcase her experience, she transitioned whilst at school but also received a lot of press attention. Having to deal with constantly being degraded, misgendered and told who she can be and can’t be online, she is showing her truth.

Lewys Ball

Beauty Youtuber Lewys Ball started experimenting with makeup at a time when young men in the industry were few and far between. Being in the digital space, where the beauty community is so interconnected with the queer community, there is more room for solidarity in the face of hateful rhetoric. With his digital presence, Lewys is trying to dismantle the restrictive and often dangerous expectations society has of us.

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