June 20, 2024

The polished bob is the sleekest cut around, and it makes hair look *so* healthy

The key is not so much in the styling as it is in the prep. To achieve a polished bob, you’ll need to prioritise hair health, investing in a few essential products to protect and nourish each strand.

First, you’ll need a shampoo that cleanses without stripping the hair of its natural oils (try a sulphate-free formula to preserve hair’s shine) and a conditioner tailored to your specific needs (too light and hair will look dry, but too heavy and it could look greasy).

Ah, the humble bob. So versatile, so flattering, so effortless. It’s no wonder it’s the defining hair style of the year and the most requested cut in salons. How could it not be with so many variations to choose from? There’s the shaggy bob, the micro-bob, the French bob, and the boyfriend bob – to name only a few. Whether you want a shaggy, bedhead look or a poker straight, sleek finish, there’s a bob for you.

For those who want a glossy, chic and neat look, there’s the polished bob, which can be wavy, straight, bouncy as well as every colour of the rainbow. The defining factor? Hair must be super healthy-looking with no split ends in sight, no outgrown roots, and absolutely no frizz (for those looking to embrace their frizz, try a shaggy bob, or a textured bob instead).

Next you’ll want to have a hair serum or oil to apply to mid-lengths and ends to boost smoothness and prevent frizz, as well as a good heat-protecting spray if you plan on using curling tongs or straighteners.

But just because a polished bob requires every hair to be in smooth doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with the colour. On the contrary, a flash of neon or some money-piece highlights can look incredible with a polished bob.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite looks to inspire you…

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