The Oscars makeup, artist has mere seconds, to make presenters look perfect

Oscars lead makeup artist and industry veteran Bruce Grayson knows a thing or two about using the right beauty products to glam A-listers hitting the stage.

“My dad was a film makeup artist for Laren Bacall, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Rita Hayworth,” Grayson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I grew up in Hollywood, right down the street from the Dolby Theatre and I continued in his footsteps.” The second-generation makeup artist specializes in live TV, including major award shows like the Grammys and Academy Awards.

“The Oscars is like two different shows running simultaneously – there’s the presenter’s show and the performance show  – so I have a team of up to 37 makeup artists working with me to get everyone ready,” he explains. Grayson and his team work behind-the-scenes to prepare A-listers for the stage, but he admits there are a few secret weapons he relies on when he only has seconds for a touch-up.

Below, Grayson waxes poetic about some of the secret beauty weapons he swears by and stocked up on for the 91st Academy Awards.

“I am really all about skin care because if skin looks good I don’t have to use as much makeup. I still carry ProX by Olay which works as well as any expensive cream. It really hydrates the skin quickly and locks in moisture. It smooths wrinkles fast and it’s just amazing.”

Olay Professional ProX Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. (Photo: Amazon)

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“I am a huge fan of this and carry it in every makeup kit because performers can physically see reduced puffiness under the eye area so I know I can count on this every time.”

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“I can’t tell you how many years this foundation has been the favorite of industry makeup artists and that’s because it works on 90 percent of skin tones. It’s just our go-to makeup. It goes on easily, makes skin look even-toned and you can get deep coverage where you need it without looking overly made-up.”

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. (Photo: Nordstrom)

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“When it comes to lips, I am fascinated by ‘chubby sticks.’ I believe they are the greatest invention in makeup because they are so easy to use. Anyone can apply it perfectly without even looking in a mirror. This one from MAC goes on like a lip balm but has the sheen of a gloss.”

“I call this product ‘feel good insurance.’ It’s so old school but I love it and people always ask, ‘Where did you find that?’ I feel solely instrumental for bringing back Binaca to Hollywood.”

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