July 15, 2024

The one hobby you should take up to make 2021 *your* year, according to your star sign

Though one thing we can control is the passions we decide to pursue in the new year and with all the uncertainty, we’re looking to the stars to give us some guidance because let’s face it, none of us have the time to waste on pastimes that do not serve us in 2021.

As we look ahead to 2021, making long-term plans is pretty much a no-go-zone. Holidays? Who’d have ’em.

Whether we’re looking to the year ahead for a fresh start or generally just some more exciting ways to spend our time, our personality traits can do wonders for predicting the hobbies we’ll enjoy the most.

Aquarians, we see your thirst for knowledge. Perhaps you’re keen to learn a new language for all of those wonderful travel destinations that just got added to the post-Covid bucket list? And Aries, we know you’ve missed the outdoors, meaning cycling, hiking and swimming are the hobbies you’re sure to set your sights on in the coming months.

So, as we officially leave the TV binges, banana bread baking and puzzles in 2020 – where they belong – allow GLAMOUR to introduce you to the new hobby that best suits you.

Aries: Cycling
20 March–18 April

Staying in is tough on outdoorsy types like Aries. Luckily, one activity that’s unlikely to break any rules in 2021 is cycling and it’s one of the hobbies that really took off this year.

According to the fitness tracking app Strava, cycle rides recorded nearly doubled compared with the same period in 2019 and among those riders, the majority were women. It’s a great hobby for an Aries because they’re adventurous types who like a challenge, so if you know you love to ride, why not step it up a gear this year?

Taurus: Hiking
19 April–19 May

Taurians love to be close to nature so whether you’re in the garden or going further afield, being out of the house is likely to be your happy place.

More and more of us found ourselves walking wherever we could in 2020 but for you, 2021 could be the year of the hike where challenging yourself to steeper terrains and longer distances is all part of the adventure.

Gemini: Zumba
20 May–19 June

Ever the sociable ones, Gemini’s love activities that involve other people.

When fitness classes make a comeback, Zumba is the one for you as it stimulates the mind and the body. Until then, we’ll happily dance and sing along via Zoom.

Cancer: Gardening
20 June–21 July

If you were lucky enough to have a patch of grass to call your own in 2020, gardening became public hobby number 1. We honestly didn’t see it coming until retirement age but a resurgence in outdoor entertainment meant we all got a bit green-fingered.

Gardening is a perfect hobby for a Cancerian because we are, at heart, home bodies, therefore, taking pride in the outdoor spaces feels like a natural way to spend the spring and summer months.

Leo: Singing
22 July–21 August

For Leos, it’s hard to choose just one hobby because they have such eclectic tastes.

Whether or not you’re good at though, singing is just one of those hobbies that suits a confident and outgoing personality because Leos are born showwomen and if we’re in-in for any longer we have to find an outlet for all of this energy. Zoom karaoke, anyone?

Virgo: Candle-making
22 August–21 September

Thanks to your hardworking and creative streak, crafting comes naturally to Virgos. While it doesn’t have to be a money-spinner, arts and crafts is a totally therapeutic pastime, especially if we’re going to spend more time indoors again next year.

According to your 2021 horoscope, wellness is at the top of your priorities next year so think candle-making and homemade facemasks for a spa experience you can totally recreate at home.

Libra: Home decorating
22 September–21 October

A naturally-creative Libra loves things that are aesthetically pleasing. Pre-2020, we enjoyed fine dining, travelling and going to shows but post, we’re all about bringing the visual appeal into our own homes.

Whether we take inspiration from our travels or our many cultured experiences, getting into home decor is the new hobby that will make things around us easier on the eye.

Scorpio: Yoga
22 October–20 November

Many Scorpios are introverts and prefer solitary hobbies to group ones. Scorpios also look for hobbies that explore using power, which is why yoga (whether it’s over Zoom or at the back of a group class) is exactly the kind of introspective hobby we can get on board with.

Sagittarius: Camping
21 November–20 December

Bring on the year of camping. With our hopes firmly hinged on getting outdoors more in 2021, camping could be the kind of socially-distanced staycation that we turn into a regular hobby.

Sagittarius, larger than life and adventurous, should consider a hobby like camping because it can combine calming nature as well as adrenaline-rush excitement.

Capricorn: Golf
21 December–19 January

We didn’t exactly see ourselves heading down to the driving range until it became one of the only pastimes we could enjoy outdoors, and with other people, in 2020.

Apparently, 98% of people who try golf say the game improves their mental health as well as their stress levels, which is ideal for Capricorn’s who are known to work very hard. Often, their go-tos are relaxing hobbies like yoga, so golf could be the outdoorsy alternative to try next year.

Aquarius: Coding
20 January–18 February

If you didn’t teach yourself to code in 2020, honestly what were you doing? JK. We didn’t even make banana bread.

But for Aquarians, who are total naturals at using technology, learning how to code could be the hobby that changes everything in 2021. Whether it helps you retrain for work or add web presence to a project you’re already pursuing, coding could totally help you get ahead.

Pisces: Swimming
19 February–19 March

Instinctively drawn to water, Pisceans love swimming, boating and surfing. And for those of us who are missing the beach (like real, real bad), getting back to the local swimming centre could be a great way to reconnect with your inner water baby.

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