The No-Chip Nail Polish InStyle’s Digital Beauty Editor Swears By

Back in the 10th grade, I’d probably wear a chipped black manicure with pride – a symbol of my edginess and wannabe cool-girl approach to life (believe me, this was all in my head), along with cryptic, emotional song lyrics in my AIM away message.

Now, it’s my beauty pet peeve. I’d rather not wear any nail polish at all than have pieces of it peel off unevenly, exposing my natural nails. Bare nails became a signature for me because I had accepted that polish was made to chip within a week of drying to your nail. But then, I wandered into Sunday’s Studio in New York City one day looking to kill time before drinks and was introduced to the formula that officially changed my mind.

Sunday’s is a New York City-based chain of nail salons, offering vegan and non-toxic nail treatments with their self-named, impressively 10-free nail lacquer. Available in 50 shades, the glossy colors are famously free of toxic chemicals, making it a safer option for their manicurists to be surrounded by all the time, and theoretically for you to wear.

The winning quality, though, is that when applied in two coats with a base coat and a top coat, this polish stayed on my nails for almost two weeks without any chips. It wasn’t until about day 10 that I noticed wear on the tips of my nails. That’s way less than the huge flakes of polish that usually peeled off my nail beds by that point.

On top of that, it stayed glossy and the color didn’t fade. And since that initial discovery, I’ve been back several times for a 30-minute manicure that’s made to last. You don’t have to be based in the Big Apple to get a piece of the action, either. The studio’s nail formulas are available on their website for $18 a pop.

To make the picking a polish process a little easier, here are my suggestions. Go for a No. 6 if you want a mani suited for a minimalist, or one that’ll go with everything in your closet. Feeling moody? No. 32, a deep green, will portray the feelings. And to get in the holiday spirit, go for No.16, a classic crimson red.

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