The new Dafni Allure, straightening brush is totally cordless, for on-the-go styling

The original Dafni hair straightening brush quickly became a staple in our armory of heat tools, providing sleek and smooth hair in a few quick strokes.

The new launch enters entirely new levels of innovation with a totally cordless system that is able to straighten your hair, well, where ever. With no plug socket needed, is this the answer to our on-the-go hair woes? We put it to the test…

THE REVIEWER: Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor

Super poker straight hair is officially a thing again.


While I usually blow-dry my hair smooth every morning, it’s usually disheveled by the time I arrive at work. Whether it’s the rain, the wind or my winter hat, it doesn’t take much for my fine hair to frizz up. Let’s hope this new Dafni can sort things out throughout the day.


The first thing that struck me was how compact the Allure is. Whereas every other heat tool I own takes up a consideration space on my dressing table, this nifty little brush could slot straight into your handbag, no problem. Plus, it’s pretty light, which is always good news for the upper arms.

The brush takes about two minutes to heat up but tells you when it’s done as it beeps and the flashing light stops. The 3D, multi-length bristles allow it to reach more hair per stroke. The bristles are coated with ceramic technology for snag-free smoothness and are also springy to protect the scalp from heat.

A few stokes later and my hair is pretty much completely straight, bar a few particularly stubborn kinks. Above that, it’s certainly much smoother.

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The battery only lasts about 30 minutes, which doesn’t sound like much but I managed to straighten half my head in about 4 minutes, so it should last a fair few styling sessions. To charge, you simply plug in to a USB port, which while it no fuss in itself, it does add to my never-ending list of gadgets I am seemingly charging on endless rotation.

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