July 22, 2024

The need to protect one’s life and health can one day arise in each

The criminal chronicle and statistics show that our chance to be attacked by a robber or a sexually anxious type that does not understand the word “no” is far from illusory. What increases our chances for a successful outcome of an unpleasant episode?

One of the most important aspects of effective self-defense is the psychological readiness to defend. This is the case when you need to fear … even the most fear. Fear is exactly what the attacker is counting on.

If the attacker is not too determined, there is a chance that he will prefer not to contact the “wrong” victim. Moreover, as psychologists say, insecurity and fear of the world around us, “sacrificial” behavior can play a role even at the stage of choosing a potential target of attack (this is one of the reasons why some victims of violence are subjected to it in the future).

If the opponent is serious and does not intend to retreat, fear will still play against you. “Wadded” legs, a spasm in the throat, not giving a cry, and panic, paralyzing the ability to think, fundamentally reduces the chances of salvation. Sometimes advise instead of fear to cause in itself anger.

The need to protect one's life and health can one day arise in each

But it should not be blind – the punches to the chest and the shoulders of the attacker fit into the scenario “The primitive male drags his prey into the cave” and it is unlikely that this scenario will be violated. The blows must be unexpected, insidious and unsportsmanlike, unlike the ring. When protecting from a rapist, it is appropriate to beat the palm of your hand in the throat with your ribs, with your foot or your fist in the groin, and put pressure on your eyes, and if your opponent has light shoes, try to injure your foot with a sharp heel. Weapon can be something that turned out to be at hand – a handle or a bunch of keys.

However, purely theoretical advice on self-defense techniques should be treated critically (as well as psychological counseling in negotiations with a potential rapist).

Knowledge of techniques and vulnerable points is one thing, and the ability to use them in an extreme situation and get in one stroke exactly where you need it is completely different. For practical skills, the most purposeful ladies are sent toself-defense courses. Ideally, such courses should include the psychological aspect and, at a minimum, take into account the characteristics of female physiology and the fact that the acquired knowledge will be applied in an extreme situation. “It happens that the coach is just trying to transfer to the women known to him the male methods of combat. Or vice versa, self-defense courses are just fitness with elements of martial arts, “warns the president of the Siberian Jiu-Jitsu Association Oleg Pankratov.

However, the search for self-defense courses in Novosibirsk suggest that the service is not too much in demand. But even if there is no professional training professionally, no one will be prevented from acquiring ameans of self-defense,just in case, which does not take up a lot of space in the bag, does not require permission to wear, and on occasion can be a decisive argument in your favor. It can be a gas can or an electric shock, but in any case when crossing a deserted place or before entering the entrance, the “toy” must be taken in hand.

The need to protect one's life and health can one day arise in each

Enclosed among the things in the buttoned bag is a can of cans left at home. No more effective will be a little thing, which you, for example, received as a gift, but did not bother to figure out how it works.

Let’s start with theelectric shockers. Oblong object with a flickering between two electrodes on the end of an electric arc, we all at least once saw in the hands of American “cops” in the cinema. The effect is achieved by touching the opponent’s body (including the neck, pectoral muscles, inguinal region) with the included shocker. The shocker is unlikely to break through thick sheepskin coat in winter, so you also need to get into an open area – the face or neck. The minimal effect is a short-term paralysis caused by muscle spasm, pain shock, disorientation and coordination. The maximum is loss of consciousness. For the temporary withdrawal of the enemy out of action, two or three seconds of direct contact (contact more than five seconds is already dangerous and can result in excess of self-defense).

You can get a shocker for 4500-9500 rubles. The price largely depends on external characteristics, especially compactness. The most compact shocker the size of a little more than a bag for glasses and quite weighty!

The main reason why most experts recommend that women give preference to the old good gas cannula is the need for direct contact with the attacker to use the shocker.

Other advantages ofgas cartridges– compact (it fits easily in your pocket) and cheap (in Novosibirsk stores it can be bought for 130-240 rubles). Immediately need to say goodbye to the myth that there are balloons with nerve gas, from which the attacker will recover only in intensive care.

In the armory shop you can buy only a balloon with irritating substances – irritants. Having fallen on the attacker’s face, they will cause temporary visual disturbances, severe burning. Some also cause coughing and difficulty breathing. The degree of damage depends on the concentration of irrigants in the can, the distance from which they were sprayed, and the individual characteristics of the attacker. Therefore (as in the case of an electric shock or a successful blow below the belt), the main task of the winner is to immediately and quickly escape, while the attacker is temporarily disabled.

Threaten with a gas can not! The enemy can prepare, covering his face or taking your hand away. The balloon is effective when used unexpectedly at the closest possible distance. Spray its contents need not one “pyx”, but within a few seconds.

The need to protect one's life and health can one day arise in each

In addition to pepper extracts (synthetic or natural), cans can contain tear gas. But according to Dmitry Makarov, the seller of the Central Weapon Shop, the second kind may be ineffective in “communicating” with a drunk attacker and completely ineffective if you have to defend yourself from attack dogs. But in these cases will help pepper spray.

When buying a can, you need to sniff and inspect the outlet to make sure that it does not leak. It is often recommended to buy two identical cans and test one of them in a desolate place to find out how easy the button is pressed and how the cloud spreads.

In conclusion, it should be said that sometimes to dangerous situations we are led not by frivolity, but by shyness and vanity. Fear of looking stupid and funny is stronger than fear of being robbed or raped? Well, this in itself is already stupid.

The fact is that the rules of behavior that reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an attack have been known to us since childhood. Nevertheless, it happens that we are embarrassed to ask friends to hold or drive us to the house, attract the attention of passers-by or neighbors, talk to the policemen after a false call, or even get to be a sort of an anecdotal old maid who sees a lascivious scoundrel behind every bush.

Although in reality the moral damage from such situations is not comparable to the damage that will be caused if the inner voice sending alarm signals turns out to be right. What does it matter what a stranger you think you have refused to go into the entrance, or strangers to whom you asked for help, will think about you? If the situation really turns into a misunderstanding, it can always be turned into a joke. After all, what could be better than being alive, happy, unharmed and with a funny story in reserve?

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