February 27, 2024

The Most Stylish Backpacks For Working Women

Even though you’re no longer entering a new school year, you can still embrace the back-to-school trends that reign supreme – especially backpacks, which, these days, have no age limit.

“Backpacks are having a more prominent presence with the ‘90s resurgence, and many designers and brands are creating ones as pretty as they are practical,” explains Nicole Russo, stylist and founder of Let’s Get You.

Not only do they come in several sophisticated styles suitable for professional attire, but the functional bags are big enough to hold your essentials and comfortable enough to carry around all day. That’s why we’re seeing so many women toting stylish backpacks to the office and on weekend trips.

“Your back will resent you if you try packing a laptop and gym clothes into your everyday handbag along with your commuting book, phone, wallet, and other essentials,” says Alyssa Dineen, fashion expert, professional stylist, and founder of Style My Profile NYC.

Instead of lugging everything on one shoulder, why not balance out the weight and leave the heavy lifting to your back? To inspire you to invest in a fashionable pack for fall, we asked experts to share the stylish backpacks they recommend for working women. The common thread? Simplicity.

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