The most dramatic A-list beauty makeovers we’ve witnessed

The newest queen of rap might be wearing bloody shoes and sporting blonde hair in 2018, but back in the day, Cardi looked a little different…

She certainly amped up her beauty game since her career skyrocketed but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s always been a beauty.

Can you recognise this cute nugget? With natural curly hair, the sweetest smile and glossy lips… it’s Ariana Grande in 2008. Ari went on to have bright red hair, starring with Victoria Justice in the Nickelodeon series Victorious.

Her music career skyrocketed only 3 years ago with the release of her first album. The Side to Side singer blossomed into a gorgeous young woman and has been slaying her signature half ‘do and winged eyeliner.

Before her femme-fatale days, Bella Hadid had short hair and loved all-natural beauty looks.

The top model has amped up her beauty game in recent years. She is looking as stunning as it gets, rocking edgy outfits straight from the runways.

Growing up Khloé Kardashian rocked much darker hair and heavier makeup.

Love or hate the Kardashian-Jenner family, their transformations are undeniably awesome! Khloé, is more fit than ever, has being flaunting blonde locks for a while now, and her beauty looks are instant social media trends.

Remember when Angelina Jolie looked like this? Thankfully, neither do we. She might have been blessed with the most easy-on-the-eye features in Tinseltown, but in her early days, she did her best to hide it. Messy blonde hair, dark-ringed eyes and a penchant for blood-filled vials plagued Ange’s early days.

Thankfully, we’re now used to seeing this primped and polished version of Ms Jolie. Bleached, frazzled locks have been replaced with a long, shiny mane, and subtle smoky eyes are now set off with a peachy, glossy pout.

Back in her Simple Life days, Nicole Richie was, let’s say, experimental with her look. From the multi-coloured extensions to the ultra-long false lashes, you couldn’t miss her.

These days, Nicole is rocking a much more chic look, and likes to experiment with all-over pastel dyes and different lengths.

It was 2006. She hadn’t made the country-pop crossover yet. We totally understand how this happened. Well, sort of.

10 years later Taylor Swift’s hair is chopped and bleached, creating a totally different look for the global star.

Kristen Stewart spent many of her Twilight days sporting long dark locks and heavy eyeliner…

… but these days she has a short bleach blonde bob and likes to experiment with lighter, metallic makeup.

September 2010 and Kylie’s hair is glossy, her eyelashes long and her smile looks big enough for Hollywood but something looks distinctly different…

You tell us…

This is how we’re used to seeing Katie Price, right? Bouffant hair, heavy brows and lashes that simple just can’t be natural. Well, last night she had a completely different vibe going on and boy, does she look better…

For Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief in aid of Ebola at Somerset House, Katie took to the catwalk with a much more toned-down beauty look. Her hair scraped back showed off her cheekbones, the eyebrows were strong without being garish and the coral lip added a welcome pop of colour.

Remember when Leona Lewis looked like this? The fresh-faced, bubbly singer stole our hearts when she won The X Factor in 2006. But she’s changed a bit since then…

Leona’s almost unrecognisable from the girl-next-door we first fell in love with. Gone are the unruly curls and make-up-free face, to be replaced with a new, slimmer look, long straight locks and a perfectly pink pout.

Back in 2006, the gorgeous Jessica Chastain was all about understated beauty, wild curls and fresh skin.

Fast forward nine years and the GLAMOUR cover girl is looking every inch as fresh faced, but now her signature style is all about polished perfection.

When she first hit our screens in The Hills as the sassy sister of Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt was all glowing golden skin, long blonde hair and Hollywood-white smile.

Fast forward to 2014 and after a stint on UK reality show Made in Chelsea, Stephanie is entering the Celebrity Big Brother house and looking a little different.

Back in 2008 Tulisa was all long lashes, blonde curls and girly pink blusher.

Fast forward to 2014 and as she makes her comeback after a lengthy court case, Tulisa looks completely different. Gone are the blonde locks and rosy cheeks; to be replaced with a dramatically different look.

In 2006 Kim Kardashian has long glossy raven locks, well-groomed brows and a super-glossy pout.

Eight years later and Kim has stuck with the hairstyle but pretty much everything else has changed. Super-sculptured make-up, tanned skin; but still those ultra-long lashes, of course.

Before Posh got Posh… In the early days of her solo career, Victoria Beckham was a far cry from the style queen we all now know and love. The bright plum shadow and sequined bandana are nothing to the stripy blonde and black highlights.

After years of hair and make-up experimentation, Victoria’s found her signature style: as the dark-haired, pouting beauty we all know and love (/envy). Not only does she get to sleep next to David Beckham every night, she’s perfected the art of subtly smoky eyes.

No, can it really be? Are you telling us that this is how we used to know the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue? The Aussie beauty started out as this slightly geeky girl next door.

…But Kylie quickly ditched the bouffant and has become more perfectly polished with every new pair of hotpants and platinum-selling record. Take in the golden locks, golden shadow and golden accessories: this is one seriously solid gold make-over.

This Hollywood actress is hardly even recognisable from this shot. Can you tell who the bouffant and pearly earrings belong to?

Aren’t you supposed to look worse with age? Demi Moore has transformed into one of the hottest ladies in LA. Her sleek long locks are her signature, and from her dewy skin to her glossy pout, she always looks polished.

When Cheryl Tweedy burst onto our screens and into our lives, her beauty look needed a little work. The gorgeous skin, deep brown eyes and adorable dimples were all there, but the Hollywood sparkle was notably absent…

Fast forward to the present day and take in the newly-improved Cheryl Cole. The most notable difference is Cheryl’s picture-perfect Hollywood smile. Isn’t it amazing what a good dentist can do to a star’s appeal? Her hair is shining, her skin glowing and her eyes sparkling. Now that’s what we call a make-over.

Courteney Cox has been on our screens for years, but as this shot proves, she wasn’t always so glamorous. The gorgeous wide blue eyes are definitely hers, but she’s worked on pretty much everything else.

Here’s the Courteney Cox we’re used to seeing: from the full, glossy pout to the sleek, glossy locks. Courteney’s chiselled face glows thanks to rosy shades of blusher and a gently shimmering shadow.

There aren’t many celebs that’ve undergone such a dramatic transformation as Dannii Minogue. She’s hardly recognisable in shots from her early days. Thank goodness she’s now ditched the garish pink lipstick.

Here’s the Dannii we’re more used to seeing. Gone are the long, messy locks and here to stay is a gently highlighted ‘do, glossy lips and smoky eyes. Dannii just grows more beautiful with age.

You’d think that with a face like Eva Mendes’, you could never look bad. But you’d be wrong. Even the gorgeous Eva has made some beauty mistakes in her time. The stunning actress used to be guilty of piling on way too much make-up: as you can see from this OTT look.

Fast forward to the present day and Eva’s learnt that less is more. Now our ultimate girl crush and beauty icon, Eva keeps the locks smooth and polished and keeps her skin fresh and clean with just a splash of bright lipstick to brighten up her look. Simply stunning.

Thanks to Fearne Cotton’s elfin beauty, she’s always been adorable. But back in her early days, she was a little too experimental with the hair colour. From the pale complexion to the uneven crop – Fearne was just screaming out for a make-over.

And voila… the Fearne Cotton we all know and love. Gone are the uneven cuts, dodgy dyes and the powdery skin, to be replaced with a glowing complexion, soft blonde waves and a signature flick of black eyeliner. Perfection.

Jennifer Lopez’s make-up has always been in pretty tip-top order, but the hair is another matter. Over the top side ponytails were not an unusual sight in the singer’s early days.

J-Lo’s now ditched her street style in favour of a new perfectly polished style. Gone are the scruffy hairstyles and layers of bronzer, to be replaced with a glowing skin finish and hair so shiny you can see your reflection in it.

Kate Hudson’s gone from quirk queen to screen siren in just under 10 years. This early snap of the actress shows her penchant for the poodle perm.

Girl-next-door no more, Kate’s now a glamour goddess from top to toe. We adore her Hollywood curls, bronzed cheeks and popping red lips.

All of us go through an experimental beauty phase. But luckily for us, ours wasn’t documented by the paparazzi. Sadly for Kelly Osbourne, hers was. In her younger years, Kelly let her inner rebel take control, and busted out a range of eye-watering hair hues and enough eyeshadow to put the South of England in the shade.

But Kelly has blossomed into a hair and beauty hero – a true GLAMOUR goddess. We love Kelly’s platinum blonde quiff and retro flicking eyeliner. We salute her experimental punk-rock years… just look where they got her.

Do you think The X Factor would have employed Kelly Rowland if she’d stuck with this hairstyle?

The present-day Kelly shows off long, luscious locks and bright and beautiful make-up. Perfect for a spot on the judging panel, don’t you think?

One of the most gorgeous roses England has ever produced – Kate Winslet might have the natural beauty, but in her early years, she was in need of a Hollywood make-over.

Voila! The beautiful Brit now graces the red carpet looking perfectly polished, from her quiffed blonde locks to her subtle sparkling shadow.

Queen of pop Madonna’s all about being edgy, cool and quirky no?

Not anymore. In recent years, Madonna’s taken on a more glamorous image, opting for flowing blonde curls, hot red lips and fresh, dewy skin. We like!

In Scarlett Johnasson’s early days, she seemed unwilling to fit into the sex kitten stereotype. That choppy crop is certainly putting us off.

Since then, Scarlett’s tried a range of hair hues, from golden blonde, through red to deep brunette – all of which have suited her perfectly.

Just two years after breaking onto the scene with The Princess Diaries in 2001, a 21-year-old Anne Hathaway channeled this Studio 54 big hair day. Umm, so, yeah… That happened.

Fast-forward ten years though and this Oscar winning screen heroine went for a career-defining crop in 2012 when her hair was shorn for Les Misérables live on screen. Anne’s since made the pixie cut her own – even venturing into blonde for the 2013 Met Gala.

Points if you can even recognise this actress, who changed up her look in 1999 with this little raven-haired bob.

That’s more like it! Charlize Theron is more used to rocking honey highlights these days and never fails to put a foot wrong in the beauty – or fashion – stakes.

Aged 24 in 1996, cute-as-a-button Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t look a day over 12-years-old.

Come to the present day though and Gwynnie’s ice-blonde poker straight locks are practically synonymous with this age-defying star.

Jennifer Hudson’s head of raven curls – and that awesome set of lungs – set her on the road to stardom in 2007 after a stint on American Idol.

But after appearances in Dream Girls and the first Sex And The City movie – oh as well as a best-selling album – Jennifer went for a new look opting for long straight hair and a brow-skimming fringe.

A year after finishing up on probably one of our favourite teen shows of all time – Dawson’s Creek – Jen Lindley, oh wait, sorry, we mean Michelle Williams dyed her blonde locks a chestnut brown ahead of bagging the role of Alma in Brokeback Mountain.

Nearly a decade later though, and Michelle’s oft-been dubbed the Modern Day Mia Farrow after chopping off her locks in 2009. Never failing to look absolutely show-stopping, Michelle is the poster girl for pixie crops.

Even as recently as 2011, indie girl Evan Rachel Wood was working enviable Veronica Lake-inspired long blonde waves.

Yeah okay, it may be a dramatic makeover but the girl still looks darn good, be it working a choppy shorter ‘do or lengthy luscious blonde locks. Lucky her.

Many moons ago – and before her Olympic and Commonwealth victories – Victoria Pendleton was mostly experimenting with blonde hair dye.

But after two rounds of Olympic success – not to mention all of her other stunning accolades in sport – Pendleton is a bona fide glamazon with dark chestnut locks and full, fluttery lashes.

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