June 22, 2024

The most brutal ways people have been hit with rejection

“Had a girl fake suicide once because I asked her out. True story. ”

“He asked me to open the window that I was sitting by on the bus because he was hot (he was on the row opposite me) and I said no I want to keep it shut. I didn’t like having it open because my hair always flies out the window. He looked at me, said “whatever, you’re ugly anyway” and reached over and opened my window. ”

“Standing in the rain at night, after two years of dating, I think she is about to tell me that she loves me. Nope. She tells me that she is in love with my brother and has been dating me to get closer to him. I told my brother and he said “Hell no! Fuck that crazy bitch! ””

“Not me but I was setting up a female friend of mine with a guy I knew and I got her to agree then I told him and he said “Did you send her a picture of me? ” I hadn’t, because he’s a normal looking guy and she’d already agreed. Then I sent her a picture and she responds “Left swipe””

“Getting told “I liked us better when we didn’t know each other”. We were acquaintances bordering friends and I felt it was better to ask now than to ask when we were already established as good friends so as not to screw up the friendship dynamic. God damn was that a kick in the dink. ”

“Me and my best guy friend at the time were planning on going to the movies to see Deadpool last year. We lived on different sides of campus, so we planned on meeting at the theater. I thought this was going to be like a date, so we split a popcorn and grabbed seats. We chatted a bit, and once the previews started, he leaned in towards me and I definitely thought he was going in for a kiss. I went for it, only to be met by his hand on my mouth pushing me away and a weirded out look on his face. Turns out he was trying to ask me to move down a seat because he had decided to invite his new gf (who I had never met/knew about) and he wanted to sit by her. Not only was I mortified, but he kept the popcorn for himself and this chick. First and last time I initiate plans. ”

“I got rejected when I wasn’t even trying to hit on the guy. A few years ago in December, I was at a bar with a friend when a guy dressed as Santa Claus was walking around. He walked up to my friend and said something like “Santa’s giving out gifts, and all the pretty girls get one for free! ” and handed her a trinket.

Then he looked at me up-and-down and added, “Yeah, you’d have to pay. ””

“I was friends with this girl who was a grade above me in high school. We were friends on facebook and one day she listed me as her brother. (. _. )”

“Got dumped by the girl I was going to propose to in a foreign city, halfway through a two week vacation. She just disappeared on me. Knew something was up when her luggage disappeared from our hotel room, she ignored every text I sent her, didn’t hear from her for six months when she finally sent me a message: “How are you doing? ”

I guess she got concerned, or as concerned as a heartless reptile can be, when I stopped updating Facebook, Instagram, and changed all my statuses. She never got a response from me, and went on permanent block. She then tried to blow up my Facebook, until I unfriended her. I may have talked to her had she provided an explanation, but she never did. Fuck her. ”

“I had someone come up to me and say they liked me. I smiled, then they said “hahahaha just kidding. You’re a loser. ”

That shit stings for months, man. ”

“Met up with a girl from Match and we sat down at a restaurant and grabbed the first round of drinks. So far, so good. Decent conversation ten minutes in. She then asks if she can excuse herself a second while she goes to the bathroom. No problem. She walks away and two minutes later, the waitress comes over with the check. I gave her a confused look. Waitress says that she thought we were leaving because my date just walked out the front door and got in her car. Sure enough, ten minutes in was all this woman needed to decide to just back out, not even have the human decency to finish her drink and just run away.

Never even bothered to text her to ask what was up. Finished her drink and then headed back home. ”

“He looked me up and down, said, “Pass”, and then walked away. ”

“Kid I was low key crushing on in elementary school said, “Hey, Hyde, you’re pretty. ” Followed swiftly by, “Pretty ugly. ” Pretended it was hilarious.

Fuck you, Will. ”

“History class in 6th grade. teacher made the class pair up for an assignment. i was paired with this girl who looked at me and immediately put her hands near her upper chest and went “eeeeeeeeeew” like she just saw a mouse run by. i was chubby and wore shitty clothes so it wasn’t confusing as to why. ”

“My first day of uni, nervous as hell, and I wanted to make friends. So this girl sits next to me, and I say “Hey, how are you? ” Her response was just “Don’t talk to me,” and we sat through that hour lecture in complete silence. ”

“They said “Your eyes are very pretty but the rest of you is trash, so no. ”

Still have a complex about it. ”

“”you used to be cute, now you are just ugh”….

I still don’t know if she meant physically or like personality”

“Hooked up with a cute girl who was best friends with a couple I was good friends with (they all grew up together). They invited me to go on a camping trip to the Keys with them about a week later, so I took off from work, rode down 7 hours with them, and during that trip down…. she somehow decided she didn’t want me anymore (to this day I have absolutely no idea why since everything seemed to be going smoothly). So here I am stuck hundreds of miles from home, and she give me the complete cold shoulder. I ended up saying “fuck this shit” and riding back two days later with one of their other friends who wasn’t staying as long due to his job. Fucking bitch. ”

“I was at a party in high school and I made a move on my crush at the time. She turned me down quickly, and that was that…until the next school day. She apparently went around telling everyone that we hooked up, but I had a tiny penis and I had trouble getting it up. She not only refused my request, but assured no one at the high school would ever think about getting with me. ”

“In middle school I had a crush on this one girl for a while. One day she pulled me aside and said, “Hey so I know you have a crush on me and I just don’t feel the same way so can you stop liking me please? ”

I didn’t even ask her out and I got rejected by her. ”

“This is kind of off but still relevant. I had low self esteem in early high school so one day at lunch I was like, “I’m going to ask the first OK looking girl who comes around that corner out and they’ll say no. ” So, the first person to walk around the corner is a pretty girl. I ask her out and without hesitation she says “sure. ” Now, I was 100% expecting to be shot down so I caught myself unprepared. I kind of studdered, “Haha just kidding” then I walked away and face palmed. In short, some girl got asked out, said yes, only for the guy (me) to awkwardly say, “haha just kidding” and walk away. I shot myself in the foot hard, and it still haunts me. ”

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