July 17, 2024

The midi bob is the Goldilocks length that’s not too long

Technically speaking, the bob covers a lot of ground. Anything longer than a pixie cut and shorter than shoulder-length makes the cut. So where to hit it?

We reckon the best idea is to split the difference and go bang in the middle, with a best-of-both-worlds, ultra-cool midi cut. And we’ve seen plenty of inspiration rolling in on Instagram to prove it.

Think chin-length, or just below. The trick is to ensure it skims a good few centimetres above your shoulder blades to show a little bit of skin and your pretty décolletage area. It’s subtly sexy, but serious when it needs to be.

It’s pretty incredible that a haircut first popularised in the rip-roaring twenties would make such a dominant resurgence a century later. But, it’s a testament to the bob hair cut – embraced during the World War thanks to its convenience for working women –that it still stands up as a timeless, modern-feeling classic today.

Since its inception, the bob has been through countless incarnations – A-line, asymmetric, blunt, hacked – as well as lengths: lobe-length, jaw-length, shoulder-length and the longer-length lob. Which begs the question: which one should you choose?

The ultimate crowd-pleaser, the midi bob is not so short that you won’t be able to get a dinky ponytail out of it, or a boho top-knot, but not so long that you look lost behind a layer of security-blanket hair. Instead, it’s just right.

Rather than anything slicked poker straight or obviously tonged, trending at the moment, is a blunt-cut style with a casual natural texture that looks slightly more mussed-up and a little less ‘styled’. Pair with a jaw-length fringe, or cute peek-a-boo bangs and you’re pretty good to go.

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