The ‘man brow’ is the hottest way to wear your eyebrows this season

It’s safe to say that over the last few years having a great brow has become a proclamation – it projects fearlessness and strength, which is probably best exemplified by one of my favourite clients, Perrie Edwards.

Perrie’s brows are a bold statement, almost subconsciously saying “I’m a self-confident young woman, take me seriously”, whilst still oozing her very natural femininity. Her brows are fluffy, wispy, undone (almost deconstructed) with a ‘bigger is better’ attitude.

At a time when women are taking control of their own beauty destiny and able to seek their own inspiration via social media, there has never been a time where women have felt more liberated to make their own beauty choices and project their own personal expression.

In the last ten years or so, we’ve witnessed a massive change in people’s attitudes towards brows, from the daringly colourful brow looks that Pat McGrath created for the Balenciaga fall 2010 show (and championed today by influencers such as Foreveryoursbetty), to the rise of the au-natural look synonymous with Cara Delevingne.

Personally, I’ve gone through a massive brow transformation, going from zero to hero – you only need to take a look at one of my glow-up posts on Instagram to see how I’ve been inspired by the changes in attitudes towards brows; my brows are fuller, thicker and much more prominent on my face than they’ve ever been before.

The one trend I’m asked to create for my clients the most is the ‘man brow’ – it’s a bold, powerful look that makes everyone who wears it feel confident and strong. Curating the right balance for this look can be difficult, your brows have to be groomed; but remain almost unkempt, bold but wearable. It’s a look that’s popular not only with women, but men, too. Interestingly, my male clients are no longer asking for their brows to be tidied, they too want to achieve a more rugged, more ‘masculine’ brow.

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Perrie and myself aren’t the only people embracing this trend; it’s a favourite of all the Little Mix girls, and the world of celebrity, from Angelina Jolie to Zac Efron.

The best news? Creating this look at home isn’t as hard as you might think, as long as you don’t go wild with your tweezers (as mentioned in my last article, HIDE THOSE TWEEZERS!).

When it comes to shaping your brows, you only remove the hairs that fall below your natural shape. I would recommend for every hair you tweeze that you leave one. This approach will give your brows a much needed tidy whilst keeping them looking fuller; it will also allow you to build a full brow gradually allowing you to spend time getting used to them.

If you want to fake it whilst growing your brows, use soap and a brow brush, gently comb your brows upwards and then fill them in slightly with a good brow pencil – I recommend Mii Cosmetics Precision Brow Detailer, the nib is really fine and allows you to be very precise and gives a really natural look.

To finish your brow off or create an evening look, you can gently dust a highlighter under the brow bone – I’ve been using one from the Turn Up The Base face, palette which is part of Little Mix’s new beauty range LMX Beauty.

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Now you know how to nail the hottest brow style of the season, I’ll see you next month for more eyebrow tips.

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